Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lake Visit (s)

Yesterday I was true to my word. We were OUT. {All Day Long} We didn't quite get out of the house before sunrise. But we did get out pretty early. It was really early for a Saturday. And, just as we planned, we were out taking photographs. Well...the Hubs was taking photos. Something happened and neither of my cameras had their batteries charged. 

No we went. Hubs had working cameras and I was excited to get out into nature. We went to the same lake where I participated in Dragon Boat Racing
We went to two lakes, actually.  

The lake was a good 40-minute drive and by the time we got there the lake's morning mist had lifted. The day was a perfect blue sky autumn day. The sun burned brightly early while the wind was soft and the air crisp. 

When we drove into the lake park's entrance I breathed a sigh of happiness. 

You'll remember that we lived in the Seattle area for quite a few years. For three of those years, we lived walking distance to Lake Washington. 

Here's a pic of D. on our porch/deck when we lived in Kirkland. Can you see the lake beyond the trees? This is what I fell in love with. 

And This,

And This.

After my life in the Puget Sound mountains and lakes make me feel at home. 

So, while my husband was taking photos around the lake's perimeter I was soaking in the view. Just sitting and watching and looking and loving! 

Oh, and I snapped a this pic with my iPhone. 


  1. Did you go to Jordan Lake? When we lived in Chapel Hill we used to love going out there.

    1. This weekend it was Lake Wheeler which I think is much smaller. Last summer I spent a few Saturdays at Jordan Lake. LOVED IT. :)

  2. I miss the lake and the trees and the mountains too! I really need to start going to Asheville more often! :)

    1. Yeah. You would probably like Lake's not that far and is beautiful.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Always love visiting your pretty blog:) Thanks for linking up To Whimsy Wednesday!
    Smart! School {House}


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