Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm Out~Taking Photos

If all goes as planned, I am "out" right now. Yep "out". We have to leave early in the morning to get the morning sun. Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person? Well, it may not be obvious....but I'm no morning person.

My husband is a gifted photographer. {Really gifted}. I've been able to tag along on many of his photo shoots. 

When we were much younger I also got to watch him work in the dark room.  I watched as he mixed chemicals and managed precisely timed chemical reactions. I watched as he experimented with getting the image exactly "right". A second more or less made a difference. 

Everything about darkroom work is precise. I think that is one reason Jordan (Hubs) is so good in the dark room. His nature allows him precision.

You may remember I purchased a trinket as a nod to my youth and dreams of photography. In fact, one of my girlfriends and I actually took a photography class in high school. 

*Aside: Why is it that teachers who teach these really cool classes, like photography, actually rob the joy out of the class to prove that it is not a "crip" course?* 

It was my first time with a 35MM camera. Why did I have to focus on reflections and all of these really awkwardly staged photos to pass? And darkroom procedures? Are you kidding me? We're talking "burn and dodge" and "frame and focus". I don't think my husband knows about my high school photography course. I was sufficiently damaged to not want to pick up a camera again for several years. I declared myself only fit for snapshots. 

But, over time, and with improved technology and gentle coaching by my Hubs, I have gotten the bug for photography. Many of the photos on this blog are by my husband. ~I know, right? He IS good. 

A lot of the photos on the blog are also mine. Don't judge my photo skill by the pics above. That was all iPhone and taken indoors (the local art museum) and I was trying desperately to capture the woman whose outfit mirrored the colors of the exhibit. It was pure serendipity. The resolution is low, but I still like the image enough to show you here. 

If I had been prepared with a "real" camera the image could be so much better. But knowing it isn't perfect is okay. 

For fun, I'll re-share some of my photos (by that I mean photos by me) that I feel more confident about. 


  1. Thats so cool that you spotted this women wearing the same colors as the board behind her! I'm not sure if I would have made that connection right away. I wonder if she realized it?

    1. It was too cool. I started snapping pics because the security guard "came out" and then I thought...oh, I may want to remember this exhibit...and then...out came the couple. Too cool.


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