Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy October Friday!

I'm pulling out some Fall photos to work on my inspiration. You guys have been so good to wish me good health when I haven't been feeling well. I so appreciate you're still reading my little posts even when they are short and whiny.

2012 has been an interesting year (health-wise). I don't think I told you I had a little surgery earlier this year. Yeah, I was quiet like that. It was an out-patient procedure so I didn't really want to treat it like a "whole big thing". But I feel so much better (for the most part) since having it. 

I won't bore you with the details. But one thing I remember very clearly is that every single time a new nurse came to do their "thing" to either me or my chart they asked me my name and birth date. They did this while holding my wrist with the hospital issued wristband. After I recited my name they would nod and go on about their task. Their nod was as if to say: "Yeah, she's still coherent" or "Yep, she didn't try to lie". I wasn't quite sure what that was all about. 

The last time I had surgery they had me count backward with a mask on my face so I was good and knocked out by the time I was in the hall on the way to the operating room. 

This time when it was time for pre-op the nurse put something nice in my IV to get me ready. I was still awake as they wheeled me into the operating room. I remember lifting my head and happily saying to the lovely O.R. ladies in shower caps, "Hi, I'm Kimberly". I was so happy to see them. 

Here's the weird thing. At that moment I thought "Oh, so this is how it is...I'll be awake for this". That thought was not one bit freaky to me...which tells you that the stuff in my IV was some GOOD stuff. I was all "Oh, Hi." And I was looking around the room noticing the clock on the wall and how cold it was in there. I was like a curious turtle taking it all in. The next thing I remember was being woken up in post-op. 

Ah...Good Times!

So, anyway, these past two days I was sick with a stomach bug. The hubs was wonderful and went out to the store Wednesday night to get me some meds to help me through. Have I mentioned that I'm not a good patient?

And since I'm sharing here, my asthma has been a real problem lately. Saturday after the concert I had a full-blown asthma attack. Not fun. 

These setbacks have made me feel so very lethargic. I've been dealing with asthma for a while now. My meds were increased earlier this year and I'm still struggling. I can't help but worry just a little that I'm going to miss out on things because of this. I try not to let asthma limit me. I find that on the weekends I'm good for about one activity a day. And I feel so tired all of the time. And then I feel guilty for feeling too tired to do things. It's a vicious circle (cycle?).

On another note, I want to go photo shooting with the Hubs tomorrow. I haven't done a real photo shoot in too long. So, tomorrow my inhaler will be handy and my camera battery charged and the Hubs & I will do some day tripin'.
~Happy Weekend!

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