Sunday, October 14, 2012

Guess Who Had a Birthday...

My Man had a birthday last week.

You'll remember that in May I had a birthday and we celebrated by going to Vegas. That vacation was exactly what I needed. It was a wonderful time of both doing and not doing. Doing=Several shows. Not Doing=Room service and time in a cabana.

The first time I went to Vegas was to celebrate a special birthday for Jordan. It's fitting that we would return for one of my birthdays.

When we were living in the Pacific Northwest I wanted to plan a birthday party that would take us to someplace fun and a little exotic. We decided Vegas could fit the bill. The Vegas trip for Jordan's birthday was filled with more Doing than Not Doing...which was also perfect. We saw several shows, went to MGM to see the lions and spent time at Siegfried and Roy's "Secret Garden" to see the tigers and other animals. (Including the Dolphin Habitat.) 
The biggest memory? A visit to the Grand Canyon! We took a helicopter into the canyon for lunch.  A good birthday memory.
This birthday was much quieter but no less special. 
Here are few pics of the Grand Canyon visit: 


  1. I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon - so jealous!

    1. I feel I need to go again. We were only there like an hour. And it was the reds that you see in photos weren't really out. I think that happens more when the sun is setting. Definitely a cool adventure.


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