Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Simply My Opinion

So, I read Erin's {Living in Yellow}"In My Humble Opinion" and loved it. Her post title is clever but not to be confused with my post (here) which is Simply My Opinion. {They are similar but different. I am no copycat.} [Side note: sometimes I do copy my daughter. But that is just doing something very very similarly (like buying the same boots or something), it's not actually copying.]
So, anyway, Erin linked up to Rachel of lala Lists who is having a Blog Party of Opinion lists. I enjoyed both so much, I decided to write my own list of opinions. I'll link up too. See how that works. Erin told someone & I'm telling someone and if you tell someone it will grow geometrically. {Like that shampoo commercial where everyone tells their friends and "and so on and so on..."}
So, here goes. My list of opinions...or as I like to call them: FACTS.
1.  I have begun way too many sentences with the word "so". I think that is a grammar violation. 
2.  I'm fine with that.
3.  It is perfectly acceptable to layer a pastel pink top with a red sweatshirt jacket and again with a hot pink {fuchsia?} down filled vest. In fact, it is a fashion DO.
4.  # 3 above is true even if you have red (or strawberry blond) hair.
5.  Cats are cool. 
6.  Dogs are too.
7.  So are birds...both wild and tame.
8.  Rabbits are too cute for words. But a little scary as pets. (They growl and have teeth and act like they are going to bite.) 
9.  There is no such thing as "too much of a good thing".
10. Any amount of a bad thing is "too much of a bad thing".
11. All web applications should be intuitive. (I'm talking to you facebook. I used to understand...now I don't.)
12. TV commercials are way too loud. (Maybe that's because they know we're really going to the loo and need to know hear when they are over.)
13. Scary movies and scary TV shows should not show scary commercials. I don't go see scary movies for a reason! I definitely don't want to have to see the scary commercial.
14. Sitcoms should not have laugh tracks. Really. I think we all know if it's funny or not. Please stop trying to tell us it's funny.
15. Almost every TV show goes on for at least one season too long. --Except for Frasier. Somehow that one worked.
Okay dokey.  Hopefully, these fun facts aren't too controversial. I'd love to know what some of your truths are. Let me know if you link up. 


  1. Yes! Some of those commercials scare the heck out of me! LOL

    Great post, Kimberly! :)

    1. Those commercials can be the worst. In theaters I've been known to cover my eyes and plug my ears during the really scary ones. So glad you stopped by and left a comment. You made my day.

  2. Ahh thanks so much for linking up! I love this!! And lemme tell you, as a bunny owner, they are not scary once you realize that its just sass - not actual meanness… is that a word? who cares I am making it one.

    Have a great week!!


    1. My daughter tried to tell me bunny growls were just a bluff too. :)

  3. Haha! I am so with you on #14. I know what's funny!

  4. The Rabbit opinion is funny, I remember when you were afraid of my pet rabbit! Everytime you went to feed her she'd charge at you and growl, but I tried to tell you it was all a bluff ;). I also hate how loud tv commercials are, especially when I'm trying to watch TV while Pauls busy with work cuz once the commercial comes on i have to turn it down real fast so i dont disturb him lol. And I also agree with the scary commercial thing... I love watching scary movies but theres a time and place for it, and they always seem to do it when its late at night and dark outside which makes it that much scarier! And finally the sitcom laugh tracks sooo need to go! Also "live studio audience" episodes need to go! ;) Great blog post!

    1. I was such a great big chicken. I think it was the growl and the charge at the same time that scared me. :) So glad you agree with me on my opinions. We are so alike.


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