Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Relationship Philosophy and a Fortune Cookie

He's a handsome guy...right? That is the Hubs. How funny is he as he hides behind his coffee cup? I'm sharing these pics and quips about the Hubs because I realize he is often mentioned, but rarely shown here on this blog.

Many people would say that the Hubs and I are opposites. I'm never sure if that's actually true. I know the adage "opposites attract" but is it really true? Is the spark of opposites sustainable for a long and happy relationship?

Hubs and I have been together for more than half my life. And we still enjoy each other and make each other laugh. We are lucky that we chose each other. Lucky that we have a similar sense of humor and enjoy so many of the same things. We genuinely enjoy just being together.

On the surface, Hubs and I are different. We tend to relate to social situations differently. He's fairly quiet and conservative in his interactions with others. I'm typically talkative and laugh a lot {and loudly}. These differences are what people see when they look at us as a couple which leads to the analysis that we are opposites. 

I gotta say, though, I don't think we are truly opposites. In fact, we are probably more similar than different. Who knows what makes a relationship work? I suppose it doesn't matter exactly what makes it "work" long as it does. 

Since this post seems a little philosophical, I thought I would share Hubs most recent fortune from his last fortune cookie.  
"On the right track, means need to run even faster, or got run over."

One more day before....FRIDAY!! It doesn't get much better. 


  1. Being your daughter and the one person who seems to know you both as a couple the best (in my opinion) I've noticed that you guys do bring out the best in eachother. You are able to make dad giggle more than anyone else can, and i think he's truely the one person who really gets you, or at least excepts you for who you are-- a fun, loud, goofy chick. ;) The funny thing is how different it is to hang out with each of you individually, than with you both as a couple. When I hang out with you guys one-on-one I get more of the unique character traits you each have, and when your together it can almost be overwhelming cause its like you guys are in your own little word filled with your own unique humor. Though when you guys are together it really cracks me up to watch you interact with eachother, def seems like the older you get the funnier it gets. Anyways i guess my point is that I'm glad to see my parents so happily in love and i think you guys complete one another. ;)

    1. I really enjoyed your comments. It's so cool to hear what you see. :)

  2. I would say that we fit together like pieces of a puzzle. While we are not identical, the pieces that define each of us fit well together and create a complete picture of the life that we were intended to share. There is just the right amount of similarity and variety in the colors, textures, and vibrance running across our combined pieces that we are able to live a blessed life of harmony. Our life is more interesting due to our differences, which opens our minds and broadens our experiences. But it is our shared values, love and respect for one another that ultimately binds us together. In summary, I consider myself to be a very lucky man and I cannot imagine a life without my very special wife.


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