Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Vacay is OVER

School is about to start again. Colleges students have already gone back {I think}. It's funny how I don't have to keep up with this now that my daughter is out of college and in the working world.

My sister is a teacher and tomorrow she returns to work. I guess this is the teachers getting ready for the students...I don't think students go until next week {maybe?}.

Anyway, Sis & I were going to go Kayaking on one of the local lakes today. It was our last HURRAH to her Summer Vacation !!

Well...we woke up this morning to an amazing rain. It rained from sometime early before dawn until late in the afternoon. It was buckets and buckets of rain. Perfect for lounging in bed watching and listening to the rain and feeling cozy inside. But for being on the lake in an open vessel? Not so much.

So I don't have any cool and fun or funny stories to tell you of Sis & I on the lake today. I'm hoping she's not too bummed about that. We will definitely be doing this soon.

In the meantime, I gathered up some snippets of things that make me laugh and some of them have to do with school. So I thought I would share them honor of teachers everywhere.

You are welcome! Enjoy


  1. LOL...loved these pics especially the she is blind answer on the test. Sorry you and your sis didn't get to go out on the water. Weather has been so different this year.


    1. Hi. So glad you liked this. These pics just make me giggle. No worries about the missed day at the lake...there is something so cozy about a rainy Sunday. :)

  2. Aw, what a bummer. Sucks that it rained but at least it was a good day to stay home & bum it (I love those kinds of days).

    1. I love those kind of days too. :) So glad you came by.


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