Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How was your Weekend?

Can you believe that another weekend is gone? Poof...just gone. But the good news is, next weekend is a 3 Day Weekend! And it's a day just for us worker bees. The story goes that it's a day to celebrate the contribution of the American Worker to the U.S. economy. That's the story according to Wikipedia. It's funny that I had a (most likely incorrect) memory of this holiday being bundled with FDR's holidays to stop the runs on the banks in the depression. But Wikipedia didn't seem to suggest that. But I'm almost sure there IS a holiday that was designed just to be able to close banks "legitimately" to give the consumers time to calm down and leave their money in the bank.

Wikipedia does allude to a more "political" reason for the holiday. Ya know, Congress didn't wake up one day and say to themselves...."You know what the American Workers need? A DAY OFF". Although...in all honesty, it's always what this American worker wants. I love every three day weekend that comes my way!

What will I do with this extra day? Oh, I'll think of something. (Counting Down.)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Vacay is OVER

School is about to start again. Colleges students have already gone back {I think}. It's funny how I don't have to keep up with this now that my daughter is out of college and in the working world.

My sister is a teacher and tomorrow she returns to work. I guess this is the teachers getting ready for the students...I don't think students go until next week {maybe?}.

Anyway, Sis & I were going to go Kayaking on one of the local lakes today. It was our last HURRAH to her Summer Vacation !!

Well...we woke up this morning to an amazing rain. It rained from sometime early before dawn until late in the afternoon. It was buckets and buckets of rain. Perfect for lounging in bed watching and listening to the rain and feeling cozy inside. But for being on the lake in an open vessel? Not so much.

So I don't have any cool and fun or funny stories to tell you of Sis & I on the lake today. I'm hoping she's not too bummed about that. We will definitely be doing this soon.

In the meantime, I gathered up some snippets of things that make me laugh and some of them have to do with school. So I thought I would share them here...in honor of teachers everywhere.

You are welcome! Enjoy

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keeping It Real

I've been off-line since Tuesday. I've been cranky. I didn't want to write/blog in my cranky mood. Actually, I'm being too nice when I say I've been cranky. I've been sullen. Maybe that is a better world. Yes, I believe that is a more honest description of what I have been. I hesitate to write when I'm this way. I hesitate to write because of several reasons:

I want this to be a place for fun. And I hope it is {sometimes, at least} funny. I'm completely okay with biting humor. I don't want this to be simply a venting venue. That's almost too easy.

Interestingly, I'm not the only person that struggles with trying navigating this boundary. I participated in the #blogsmarts twitter party yesterday. For me, the answer to "biggest" {blogging} struggle question revolves around this.

I mean, I love to read other blogs...and I enjoy being allowed to see a little snippet of the blogger's life...but I'm not under an illusion that the blog showcases the entire life. After all, a blog is not a diary.