Saturday, July 7, 2012

Design Tips

I shared this post on my guest post with Brooke of Covered in Grace. I'm posting it here because this is the first in a Series of "Design Tips from Kenneth Brown". 
One of my favorite things is Design.  I am not a designer but have really enjoyed updating the house that we live in. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about that time I met Kenneth Brown.

Yes, I actually met Kenneth Brown.  He may not remember me, so if you meet him, please don't embarrass him by asking.

Now, if you are not an HGTV fan, you may not know who Kenneth is {or why it's so cool that I met him}.  I know his show hasn't been on HGTV in quite a while.  ~~Kenneth included a discussion about this fact in his talk.  {He was may have been a little bitter.}

The meat of Kenneth's talk began with a slide show that talked about his history and what led him to design.  I didn't realize, until his talk, that he was from Louisiana.  He has southern roots!  {I knew I liked him.}  One of the pics in his slide show was him as a young boy raking leaves in his backyard.  He shared that even then he had an eye for design. He remembered the colors of the leaves making an impact on his experience.

Kenneth also discussed the new {ish} trend in design to create hotel luxury in residential projects. He showed pictures of hotel rooms, circa the 1970s.  These rooms were not "spa" inspired but simply places to put your suitcases and lay your head at night. He even chuckled as he showed these pictures.  He said he thinks it's funny that hotels have come up in the world of design and are now considered something to emulate.


  1. Kimberly,
    Thanks so much for linking up these great tips! I hope to see you again at next weeks Marvelous Mondays party! :)


  2. I never saw this show! I'm glad the mirror thing is proven to be a lie though. There's nothing I hate more than a giant mirror.

    1. Mirrors that take up the whole wall confuse me. :)

  3. I didn't know that the mirror thing wasn't true - that's so interesting!!

    1. I'm not a designer...and I wonder if all designers agree on that point. ---I wonder where the idea to install mirrors in small spaces came from.


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