Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Design Tips {#2 in the Series}

This is the second in a Series of "Design Tips from Kenneth Brown". {The first in the Series is here.}
So, as I was saying,  that time I met Kenneth...I discovered he is not only a good designer but a very entertaining speaker. When I was in college presentations were marked down if there was a lack of visual aides. Kenneth would have gotten an A from my college instructors. One thing I enjoyed seeing was the diversity of his designs.

You'll remember that when Kenneth gave his keynote, he explained that his HGTV show "Redesign" was no more. It had a good run. He explained that the show's budget was the issue. Candice Olson's show "Divine Design" was the biggest budget show for the network and they could not (would not) afford two high budget shows. The network was making a change to lower budget shows with quicker design completion and making the show quicker to get "into the can". {That's TV talk for film ready to air.}

I suppose it makes sense that the network would make this change. I mean, it doesn't matter how much it cost to create the design and the show...it's still a 30-minute show and I don't think there's a big enough audience in general to impact this decision.  {Kimberly's opinion only}


Choosing a Designer

Of course, this means we've already accepted the advice to use a designer.  Kenneth encouraged interviewing several designers before deciding who is right for you. Style, communication, and personality fit are all key to making a relationship with a designer work.

"You have to find the right person to fit your personality. Take a look at the homes they've done to make sure their style matches your own. Also, if the designer is talking more than you are, that's a bad sign."

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