Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Day at the Museum

Eagle by Alexander Calder {Located at Seattle Sculpture Park} Photo by Steven Pavlov (Creative Commons)

Last weekend Hubby and  I went to the local University Museum. There was an exhibit of works by Alexander Calder. Hubby was especially excited to see the exhibit because we had seen Calder's work in Seattle. As you know, Hubs and I lived in the Seattle area for 7 years. Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park includes an impressive piece by Calder.  The park is an outdoor museum of a bold collection of large-scale sculpture. The Sculpture Park occupies a space that is quintessential Seattle. While in the park you can enjoy views of the Space Needle as well as views of Elliott Bay {Puget Sound}.

Hubby and I waited to the very last day of the Calder exhibit to actually get there. I'm glad that I went. I enjoyed the up close and personal exhibition. But, there is nothing quite like seeing the largest pieces out in the open air.

We were at the museum on Father's Day {after our Father's Day celebration}. I really like this museum. It's small with a large open bright lobby area. On Father's Day, there were many more people than I expected. And, in honor of Father's Day, there were several miniature golf stations for kids to play.  Having so many families there made the visit feel very happy. It was not a quiet or somber museum experience (as some can be).

One of my favorite elements of a visit to any museum is the visit to the gift shop. I just love the gift shop. I usually spend quite a bit of time in the shop trying to find just the right souvenir.  This museum's gift shop is quite small and their inventory very small. So, I had to spend quite a lot of time searching for something that said "yes". While I was there I noticed a young girl (maybe 3rd grade?) that was looking at what I think was a watch. The item was in a hinged box which the girl opened and closed many, many times. She was deep in thought about this item.

After a few minutes, the girl's brother came into the shop to tell her their parents were ready to go. "I just got here" the girl whined and her brother (older) said, "You've been in here 20 minutes at least".  But it was clear the girl was not leaving the store. I believe she was holding her treasure and standing guard while she waited to be able to purchase. After all, she had found the best item. She couldn't risk leaving it for someone else to take.

Minutes after the brother was unable to retrieve his sister, the father came in. "Come on, now", he said, "it's time to go". Her reply? "No. I'm not leaving before Mom comes. I have to show her this." It was clear to me that the girl believed that her mother would understand the object's value and purchase the treasure.

Once it was clear that his daughter would leave only after Mom made an appearance, the dad disappeared. Minutes later the mother appeared.  "Look at this!", the girl said when her mother came in. "Isn't this great. I so want this." But, to my surprise, the mother did not take the item to the register to purchase. Mom simply looked at it and said, "Yes, that is nice. I can see why you would like that". The girl then had to ask her mother more directly: "Can I get it? Will you get this for me?"  "Hum", Mom said,"that is a great thing for us to keep in mind for your birthday."

The girl, still making her case said, "Mom, every time I show you something you say 'maybe for your birthday'. I want you to know, I've started a list. I'm keeping track. I have a list of everything you've said 'maybe for your birthday' to."  This mother was very cool. Without missing a beat she said, "Oh good when it gets closer to your birthday, you can show me the list.  That will help". The girl, clearly upset now said: "This makes twenty-two things, Mom. TWENTY-TWO!"

Something tells you she won't be getting twenty-two things for her birthday.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Painting...again..

Here is my most recent piece. I created this today while visiting my sister. Sis & I enjoy parallel play.

I believe in the POWER of PARALLEL PLAY. Sis and I just enjoy hanging out. We both MAY have a touch of A.D.D.  {UN-diagnosed!) Scratch that...we both have a higher than average CREATIVITY gene that MAY look a lot like A.D.D.

For some reason, my creativity gene manifests itself with a little disorganization and inability to paint precise lines.

Anyway, I like to paint while Sis does other things.  We both sit on her couch doing our own thing and ask each other for advice compliments feedback from time to time.

Because I'm new at this whole painting thing and this is only my second attempt to paint without an instructor...I documented my steps.  In case it's not immediately obvious, this is a painting of Pike Place Market in Seattle. If you get the chance to go to Seattle, Pike Place is not to be missed.  The flowers are amazing!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jacob says "Let's Go"

The Hubster and Jacob {our adorable poodle} are best buds! Jacob loves to hang out with Hubs, no matter what Hubs is doing.  Favorite thing?  Riding in the car.  Jacob likes to go places. Here's the funny thing, it's not just that he doesn't want to be left behind.  Though, Jacob definitely does not like getting left behind.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Do I Do? When I'm not Bloggin'?

Once again, I have been away from you much too long.  I haven't written about what I do for a living yet.  Anyhoo, I am a banker.  I've worked in some banking or finance role since I got out of college. {Caveat, I did take two years off--but I digress.}

My current job is one of my coolest jobs yet. It's a niche bank that caters to start up or newly started companies.  So, we get to work with some really cutting edge type companies and some really cool individuals with great ideas and courage.

The other kinda cool thing about the bank I work for?  We don't have a retail presence.  We are strictly a commercial bank.  No bank branches, teller windows, ATMs.  It is nothing like most people would think of as a bank.

I have most often worked in the operations side of things...I've never been a teller and I've never worked in a bank branch.  So, even though I have almost always worked for a bank, you would never run into me in the bank.

I don't talk about my job for several reasons.