Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Back Hurts

So, my back hurts. I've had lower back flair ups for a while.  My body is telling me it wants me to take notice. So now I've got physical pain to go along with my guilt for not being a good steward with my body.

My mind keeps thinking that I’ve just been on a short hiatus from exercise and overall taking care of my body. Somehow I've convinced my mind that we are still physically fit...or at least getting that way. But, I hate to admit it, I've been lying to my mind.

You know, not that long ago I became a runner. Actually, I was trying to become a runner. I was working on the couch to 5K workout plan. But, I injured my knee and was told to stop (by a Doctor). The doctor gave a referral for physical therapy that is needed before resuming running.

I convinced my mind that this is why we aren’t at the gym or walking or anything. My mind has accepted the story that the knee injury was was not long ago. It was APRIL! It was nine months ago. My knee is better. I haven't yet been to the physical therapist. Now, before you judge, there are two reasons for that.  One, my doctor wanted me to use a PT associated with his larger medical network. The PT department was supposed to call me to schedule. I never received a call.  (Really). And, two, timing. It is so difficult to schedule all these medical appointments during the work day. 

2X / year I have dental appointments. It looks like I realy need to go to a endontist because one of my root canals has lingering nerve issues. (Weird, right?) I got the referral to the endontist at my last dental appointment. I haven’t made the endontist appointment yet, either. Of course I have annual primary care appointments, Gyn. and mammos. That’s a doctor appointment every two months. PT will be/would be weekly. I struggle with the times.

So now, my back hurts. 


  1. I'm right there with you Cuz!! I even had to go the the Dr. yesterday but didn't realize it was my back. I went because I had searing, red hot poker pain on the outside of my ankle with numbness in my two little toes. Turns out it's nerve pain from my lower back pain. Never put those together since I was not having pain shooting down my leg!

    I actually had just joined a gym last week so that I could do water aerobics because my knees (yep, I need knee surgery again!) won't let me run. I have not even had the chance to go to the gym yet. Chris has been and the guy keeps asking Chris where I am. lol

    Anyway, if you're interested, check into Southwinds up at the corner of Sparger Rd. and Hwy 751. They have rates for just the pool/track if you aren't going to use the equipment. They also do plans by the month, 3 month, 6 month or year. No pushy sales pitch, whatever you want!! They offer senior discounts for folks 55 and over and even have discounts for certain companies. We were able to get a 10% discount b/c Gregg is City Employee. They even have doctor's that have offices there and can do PT there. You may want to check into.

    Love your blogs!!

    1. I forgot you have knee issues too. Knees and backs! Isn't it weird how our body is so interconnected that the back makes your leg hurt? For me, I'm pretty sure that my knee issue is either related to the shorter leg OR to my back being out of alignment. On the other hand, it could be that because I haven't had PT for the knee that it threw my back out of alignment. Let me know what you end up doing to fix your leg and back.

  2. OH NO!!! I hope you start to feel better... If not you must go to the doctor! That's an order from your new bloggy friend. :)

    1. So glad you stopped by! Lucky for me I am a little better. I have been self massaging and trying to get my back to loosen up. I have at least identified a physical therapist. Now I just have to make the call. :)

  3. I hate back pain, it's horrible because it hurts when you stand, sit, lie ... everything! Does a heat pack/hot water bottle help at all?

    I totally understand not having enough time to get to doctor's/appointments. Some weeks I have an appointment every day after work and even though I know it's all good for me, it's daunting!

    x Jasmine

    1. Back pain does stink. I found it also hurts riding in the car with my husband. He turns suddenly or hits the brakes pretty hard and I just feel jarred.

      I feel silly that I didn't think of a heat pack. I'm quite sure that will work. Tomorrow I will go out and get one.


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