Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Goals

Pinterest is one of my newest obsessions. I'd like to call it a hobby, but don't know if window shopping counts as a hobby.  No, it does. It totally counts. Pinterest is my hobby! But I digress.

Fittingly, as it's the new year, The Nester had been writing about goals for 2012. The Nester's motto is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". I told you she was inspiring. I think sometimes we I forget that it doesn't have to be perfect. And in it's own way, not being perfect is perfect. (That may not make sense to everyone. At least not immediately).

It's kind of a neat idea to think about "Home Goals". It's a good time for me to think about that too, because I have been mulling over what to commit to as a New Year's resolution. I know January is half over but, as I told some of my friends last week, I have until the 31st to finalize my resolutions. Yep, don't know if you go the memo, but we have a full month to decide what we will set out to accomplish for the year. Cool, huh?

Everyday, I tell my husband how happy this home makes me. It does make me incredibly happy. One reason is how much fun we have had in deciding things like new paint colors and new light fixtures. Hubby even used a drill to do some handy type things. You may recall some of my posts as describing our changes to the house. If you missed them, you may want to check out the Kitchen Makeover post.

Hubby and I have felt more free to make changes and be bold. We have a RED kitchen for goodness sake. That is something I have always wanted. I painted the fireplace black as well as the stair banister. We sanded down the hardwood floors eliminating the wood stain as well as the beveled edges in the floor. The natural floor was unexpectedly beautiful. So we decided to keep them natural. All of these bold choices made this house a home that makes me incredibly happy. We have felt free to make our bold choices because we believe this to be where we will stay for, like, ever.

But this isn't a post about what we have done. It's a post about my 2012 Home Goals. To tell you about these goals, I must share a few of the things that Hubby and I have left undone not finished.

When we were changing out light fixtures, we took ceiling fans down in the family room as well as the master bedroom. Funny enough, we couldn't agree decide on the right fixture for replacement. We took the fans down thinking we would figure it out by the time the rest of the fixtures arrived. We are so happy with our choices of fixtures in the kitchen, dining room, stairway and foyer I think we felt a little frozen for choosing these last two. Also, we had splurged on the foyer light (LOVE), so we wanted to be a little pragmatic on the last two fixtures. And after the rest of the lighting was installed we lost our momentum.

I'd like to find the right fixture for both of these rooms at a reasonable price. This would help the rooms become "finished". But I will also say, it has felt somewhat liberating to allow these small items to remain unfinished. It hasn't stopped me from feeling completely at home and it hasn't stopped me from feeling the home is beautiful. But, as far as goals go, I think it would be reasonable to try to get something up in these rooms in the next eleven months or so.

Hubby also changed out all of our hardware.  Things like drawer pulls in the kitchen and bathrooms. He also changed out door handles. All have been replaced with brushed nickel. However, master bath door handles? Still missing. The old handles are gone, the new ones just aren't on. There was some sort of problem with the fit and the project stalled. Funny how we have just the smallest things for these major projects that are waiting. It's like we don't want to finish. Maybe we don't. Maybe there is something comforting about having a project waiting for you. I had a friend once, that said he loved a book so much that he decided not to finish it. That way it's always waiting for him to come back to.

One thing that I really want to have "fixed" is the garage door.  Something odd has happened and we can't open the garage door with our remotes. That means we can't close it with our remotes either. It's just an inconvenience really. It's really the mystery of it that has me vexed.

Lastly, I am seriously thinking of converting an unused bedroom into a closet/dressing room. As I think about this idea, I've been pinning examples on Pinterest for inspiration. Feel free to check it out: Closet Ideas.  I know someone that has actually done this and it is wonderful. I love going over to her house and hanging in her dressing room. She loans me things to wear and shows me her new finds. I just love that room.

I'm struggling with this decision because the spare bedrooms in my house are not conveniently near the master bedroom. Plus, even though the bedrooms are not being used, I also have dreams of making one of the rooms a reading room. Though, the reality is that if I made it a reading room, it would be beautiful but unused. So a decision on a spare bedroom / closet conversion is my Home Goal for 2012.

Bottom line for my 2012 Home Goals: Arrive at decisions for two light fixtures and a closet. Execution is not a requirement.

Let me know if you have 2012 Home Goals.  I'd love to hear about them.


  1. I absolutely adore the bold colors! Fabulous!

    We're in the midst of moving, so my main home goal right now is to sell our Houston home! Then, when we get to Washington State, I'm going to remodel the basement of the new house. It's "finished," but could be a lot nicer with better use of space.

  2. Selling a house is not nearly as fun as buying one. :) But when it's staged to sell it reminds me of how I fell in love with the house to begin with. I jumped over to your blog and LOVE your house. You may have gathered that I lived in the Seattle, WA area until recently. Loved it. Washington has several different landscapes. Wishing you good luck on the sell of your home and your move.

  3. Your house looks fantastic! I'd love to redo our whole kitchen. so I guess my home goal this year is to somehow find the money to make that happen!

  4. Hi Brittany, Thanks for the compliment. I was lucky that all I really did to my kitchen was paint...and I added hardwood floors...but that was such a small area that it wasn't major. Just cosmetics. :)


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