Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello December!

I wonder how it can be so! A little over two weeks away is the big celebration in our family. This year it seemed to slip up on me. This may be because we seemed to have such a busy year with family festivities. 

One of my sisters plans to spend the holiday out of town with her husband's family as well.  Both daughter and sis will be in the colder northeast for the holiday. This will leave my hubby here with 2nd sister and our parents. I had so much fun at our Christmas gathering last year that I can't help but be a little disappointed that we won't all be together on Christmas day this year. --But that is me being selfish and I don't mean to be. This year will be wonderful in a different way.

Last year was the first Christmas that my Hubby and daughter were back in the town that I grew up in. Our house is less than a mile from my parents' house and about the same distance to daughter and her husband.  I love that!  Both my sisters live within 10 miles of me. This is so nice after being on opposite coasts for 7 of the past 8 years.

Hubby and I had the family to our house for lunch and presents. Hubby and I had been in the house only six months when we hosted the Christmas lunch. Hubby actually had only been here two months. We were in the midst of our home updates. All of the new paint was complete, but not the rest of our projects. And, to say that I'm not good in the kitchen is an understatement.  Lunch would have been supper if not for Sissy!  She deserved her "ta-da" moment. --But crashing the photo just had to be done.
Hubster and Daughter~~and a yummy glass of wine
Last year was a truly wonderful first Christmas "back home". 

Hope everyone is enjoying this part of the holiday.


  1. Good times!

  2. You are always welcome to join us this year for Christmas! However, our dinner will probably not look as fancy as Lisa's!


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