Monday, November 21, 2011

A Little Story About My Halloween...(before it's too late)

Sorry so long between posts.  I really should be asleep now.  I have the beginnings of a cold....the kind where it feels like my limbs are coated in wet cement.  I took some sinus medicine last night which helped clear up the congestion...but the fatigue, not so much.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week.  That is sure to be fun. My newlywed daughter is having the big day at her house. I can't wait to enjoy the festivities she has planned.

I haven't yet posted about my Zombie Lurch.  I figure if I don't post about it before Thanksgiving the moment will have passed.  So I'll post now. (Though, I realize the moment is sort of gone.)

Zombie Lurches are like a Flash Mob. If you are not a Zombie (or a designated victim), you may not know to expect to see zombies walking the street in a mob. They really do say "Brains..." in a very lurchy kind of way.  This is the 5th year a lurch was held in my town. Some people know to expect a lurch and seek out a place to view the spectacle.

The zombie lurch organizers also like to place willing victims in key places along the route. It is the victim's job to be attacked by the brain eating zombies and to scream bloody murder.  --I can scream really well.  And so I volunteered.

It was kooky and fun.  The pic above is of me after I've been attacked. I look like a groupie, don't I?  That's right, a zombie groupie.

I survived my first lurch and live to see another lurch.  It could be fun to check one out if they have one in your town.

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