Monday, September 5, 2011

A Labor Day Mini Vacation

Hubby and I used this three day weekend to go to the beach! Yay! I haven't been to the beach since July 2010.  Before that, I hadn't been to the beach in years. YEARS!

In my childhood, going to the beach was at least an annual event. If we were lucky, we got to go several times in a summer.

I have so many wonderful beach memories it seems wrong to try to list them. It would be like I'm choosing one memory over another. When we were kids, Mom and Dad got my sisters and me up in the wee hours of the morning before sunrise. For Dad, the time of arrival was half the fun. If we were going to "go to the beach" we were going to be there "all day". Getting in the car before sunrise got us to the beach before lunch.

My favorite times to go the the beach were the "off season". The beaches were less crowded and the weather more breezy and comfortable. This summer was so hot I couldn't bear the thought of a visit to a place without shade. But this weekend, the weather was perfect. So Hubs and I made a spontaneous trip east.

Below are some scenes that I snapped from my spot on the beach:

I enjoyed seeing a para-sailing boat long off the horizon. It made me think of my Sissy that went para-sailing in the Florida Keys a couple of years ago. She has the video to prove it. I think she found it deliciously exciting. I don't know if she was afraid, but I think so. But after getting in the air-- with her man, I think she felt exhilarated.
I couldn't resist taking a pic of the woman on her iPhone.  It's tough to see with a photo this small, but there was a fleet of pelicans coming in from the left.

The pelicans flew in a straight line hovering just over the water. It was truly breathtaking to see.

After spending the morning at the beach, Hubs and I went to the restaurant "Bluewater". I had calabash shrimp which was some of the best I've had.  The desert needs a shout out as well.  It was a strawberry cupcake.

After a much deserved nap, we went out again. This time to the portion of the beach where the ocean flows into a canal. --Lovely to watch boats coming in for the evening.
The breeze was wonderful as dusk fell upon us.


  1. pelicans! cupcakes! a perfect day!

  2. love your photos! I live pretty close to the Pacific coast, so we're at the beach quite a bit during the summer. It was nice to read about your experience and remember the things I take for granted when I go.
    Also, I nominated you for an award, so go to my blog to check it out.

  3. Awesome pics, I want to steal some! Just stopping by to stalk a little. Will visit back soon.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I used to leave near the beach in the Northeast. Now I'm living in the midwest, and boy, do I miss the ocean. This blog entry was a nice little visit to the beach in my mind. Thanks!


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