Sunday, July 10, 2011

NC Waterfall Photos Available for Viewing

You remember that last month that my Hubby and I spent several days in the NC Mountains, photographing waterfalls.  I promised photos would follow...and here they are. I hope that you enjoy the photographs.

This book contains what I believe are the best of the photos from the trip. I took over 600 photographs in just two days. I wanted to share 100 of those photos with you, however, my Hubby, the photo coach, told me that publishing more than 20 for a "grouping" of photographs is not cool. So...I narrowed my chosen images down to 40 (or so). I call that a compromise.

If you love my book and have to own it, you may purchase it from Blurb.Com. I have agreed to sell it with zero mark up. You pay what I paid for my copy. --Of course, I really just want you to see my work (and tell me it's wonderful), so I made the entire book viewable online for free.  Now that's a deal!

Hope your weekend was a good one and that the photos of waterfalls helps keep you cool in this crazy hot weather.

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