Saturday, April 16, 2011

Running Has Been Placed on Hold

RUNNING! Why is it that when I want to do something "good for me" it turns against me? Last Saturday I ran eight two minute runs, with single minute walks in between.  --My right knee began to hurt a week ago along with my left ankle.  I believe that these aches and pains are related. I think one is compensating for the other, but not quite sure which came first...the ankle or the knee.  My knee is something I need to pay attention to.  I've had knee issues in the past, but thought that I could just work through this.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Learning to Run

Last Saturday I completed my first group run. I joined the local running club: Carolina Godiva Running Club. Each Spring the club hosts a training program to help "couch potatoes" become runners.  Fittingly, the program is called "Running Start". 

I have never been an athelete.  I don't mean that I never considered myself to be atheletic.  I mean I've never done anything atheletic.  Actually, I may be a little wrong about that last statement.  When I was young (5 years or so) I L.O.V.E.D. to swing on swingsets.  I could swing for hours.  --This is passive exercise, I think.  In elementary school, during recess, I was not one to play German Dodge Ball or jump rope.  Instead, I was playing jacks or a card game called "Spit". --Both games involved fairly good hand-eye coordination as well as a competitive element.  I was quite good at both. But physical exercise type play? Not really my thing.