Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year Y'all!

When I arrived at my desk this morning there was a red envelope with my name on it placed on my computer keyboard. I was immediately happy!~~ Even before opening the unexpected card I was happy.  The card from a colleague and is beautiful with images of a rabbits and a wish for a Happy Chinese New Year. How cool was that?  I didn't realize that today was the first day of the Chinese New Year, much less that this is the year of the rabbit. The card made me happy, just having someone share a New Year's Wish--Chinese or otherwise was nice and the card is absolutely lovely.

I thanked my colleague for the card and he was quite gracious and explained a little about his Asian traditions.  For instance:  The Chinese New Year is a seven-day celebration.  This is a time to set the tone for the rest of the year.  Happy and peaceful thoughts are striven for during this celebration to encourage a happy peaceful year.  Sharing wishes of Good Luck to others opens yourself up for lucky blessings as well. Red is the color of luck and cards and gifts are most often given in red envelopes. 

Year of the Rabbit
I was quite charmed to receive a card and found it to be a really uplifting way to start my day.  I feel a little ashamed that I was completely oblivious to the fact that today was the official Chinese New Year.  I think I may have heard references to "Year of the Rabbit" lately, but it did not register.  Tonight I decided to learn a little more about what the "Year of the Rabbit" symbolizes. 

First of all, I found that 2010 was the year of the Tiger.  I also found out that I am the sign of the Tiger.  --So I completely missed out on knowing that 2010 was my year, so to speak.  It may be just as well that I didn't know.  Based on my reading, the Tiger year of 2010 is characterized as being "ferocious". Other adjectives used include: Dramatic, Torrid and Tumultuous.  One writer said there was hard work and "over-the-top passionate adventures". This will be countered with the Year of the Rabbit of 2011.  The Rabbit is described as being calm and peaceful.  The way to make the most of the Rabbit Year is to relax and go with it.  Don't push too hard...even if pushing typically works for you, it's recommended that this year you try to just "roll with it".  

Tiger Predictions
Curious what I missed by not knowing what 2010 had in store for me as a Tiger, I found an article written with the predictions for what Tigers could expect for 2010. (The article was published before the 2010 Chinese New Year began.)  Here is a glimpse of what was predicted:  Tigers were expected to see fun activities throughout all of 2010 with an especially active, entertaining social calendar in August and December spilling into January of 2011. The Spring of 2010 was to bring encouraging and interesting job opportunities, with the caveat that the Tiger would still have to push forward at work.

I must say that I don't typically allow myself a horoscope reading.  I am of the Christian faith and I can't help but associate astrology and horoscopes with the occult which is forbidden.  On the other hand, I want to have a balanced view. To some extent, I don't want to read a horoscope because I don't want to be influenced and either consciously or unconsciously allow a horoscope to become self-fulfilling due to powers of suggestion.  On the other-other hand, I actually believe that most horoscopes are written for entertainment value only.  I mean how can the entire populous born in my birth month have the exact same future?   

Year of the Tiger
I figured that in the interest of science I should review a previous prediction AFTER the time has elapsed to see if it was on target.  Since I didn't read the prediction until today, there was no chance that I was pre-influenced by the suggestions.  So how did the Tiger predictions fair?  First of all, the Tiger's year of the Tiger written in future tense had the elements of excitement and high energy with very positive tones.  Interestingly, the Year of the Tiger written from a historical perspective was written as being hectic and stormy.  It's as though the year were an overstimulated toddler.  --It starts out new and exciting and ends with a temper tantrum. 

I will say that my 2010 experience was exciting in very positive ways.  My husband and I decided last February to move our family from Seattle to NC (the town I grew up in).  --We lived in the Seattle area for 7 years and we were quite happy with many aspects of the life we built there.  But, we were missing opportunities to spend time with our family.  In June I was hired in a job that still excites me. We bought a house that we are making our own and it becomes more "us" every day.  I've really enjoyed time spent with Dad and Mamacita as well as Sissies and Cousins.  --Not to mention friends I've had since high school and one very special friend that was raising two young daughters at the same time that I was raising my one young daughter.  I've been braver than I've ever been, trying new adventures and loving them such as canoeing, kayaking, zip lining and hiking in Mount Rainier.

For me 2010 was a Tiger Year!  Looking forward to seeing what a Rabbit future holds.  So, I say: Happy Chinese New Year...Y'all!