Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Letters

It does not seem possible that we are moving so close to Christmas and the end of the year.

Since I started this blog I've created little "Year in Review" postcards to show highlights. It's a fun project and helps me remember good times. This blog has been a memory tool that I've used for that. Here is last year's postcard:

And the one from the year before....

It's like a 21st Century version of "The Christmas Letter". Which...I did in the past as well. --Mine wasn't a "letter" per se. It was a newsletter with a magazine type layout.  --I was on a work sabbatical when I worked on those.

These annual missives are happy highlights (at least the letters I enjoy are). I like this little tradition I started for myself.  Tonight looking at my past cards, each picture really reminded me of happy moments. Moments that don't float up in memory on their own. 

Tonight as I start to evaluate what types of highlights would be representative of 2016 I looked back at the blog for memory triggers. I realize that the 2016 posts have been much less frequent and often really short notes to sort of say "hello".

But, just reading a few of my posts reminded me of some fun moments that I did not capture in words or photographs....but they were meaningful just the same.

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