Sunday, April 17, 2016

Posts I'm Lovin'

I haven't done a "What I've Loved Around the Web" post before.  But...I very much enjoy many of the blogs I read and wanted to share some that moved my heart this week.

Disclaimer: Some of the posts I am sharing were posted earlier than this week.  I just happened to read them all this week.

❋ Brittany @ Where my Soul Belongs wrote a "Diary of a First Time Homeowner" post about dishwasher woes. I've followed Brittany's blog for a while...she lives in the Puget Sound / Seattle area.  Since I moved back home after years in the Puget Sound...I love to read other Seattleite's stories. This post captures the joys and challenges of making a home and it solves a mystery in the process.

❋ Joy @ 3 Chairs wrote about "Apologizing Too Much". Joy does a great job of exposing the tendency to apologize and explain rather than being unapologetic in defining your own needs.  (I'm paraphrasing...I hope I'm not taking too much of a liberty here.) I definitely apologize too often and too profusely. When I think about it, I realize that this communication habit or style shows incredible weakness. Especially at work. It takes all of the power away and validity away from whatever comes after the words "I'm sorry...but..."

❋ Angela @ Far & Wise perfectly articulates why our Polarized Political Discourse feels broken. I agree with her when she says, "I think it's safe to say that our political discourse is in a state of disaster, too many people shouting and not nearly enough listening..."  Angela's post gets to the heart of what I've been feeling about this election. So much of it is angry, negative and mean-spirited. The best part of this post is that it has given me hope. She says, "There is always a ray of hope to be found," and "remember that individuals do make a difference".

❋ Yelle @ Hygge Home wrote about "What Makes a Home". Yelle says, "I'm really good at falling in love with whatever is currently home." It is easy to see why I love reading her blog! I love reading and thinking about the idea of home. Not so long ago I shared a similar feeling in "Making My Apartment Home".
There is not a day that goes by that I don't look around my apartment and say "I love this place." We've been in our place for a little over a year and have zero desire to consider leaving.
Yelle's posts include lovely photos of her home that actually capture what home feels like. Yelle's words invoke the warm, cozy, content feeling that comes from Hygge Moments acknowledged and appreciated.

❋ Mark / AKA Mr. BoHo Berry @ Bo Ho Berry wrote "There's No Time Like Right Now... Don't Miss It". This post includes nuggets about staying present and creating memories. I love his approach to being present when he says, "take the time when time is given". His post addresses work / life balance. He also discusses the mind / body connection and achieving clarity and mindfulness. Lastly, (though not in the same order as the post), Mark talks about taking time to take photographs. He says he is glad to have photos that bring back an entire memory that would otherwise be only a fuzzy memory.

I hope you are having a great weekend and I hope you find lots of sources of inspiration.

Until next time!


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