Sunday, February 28, 2016

Adventures in Making a Webinar...and Having Your Dad Call with Advice...

I don't want to tell you that I worked all weekend to put this 14-minute webinar together. I wish this were not a true statement. 

It will take a few minutes for the video to actually get to its starting point. You can move the cursor to start the video around minute "6". --I know...not a great way to start. But, I am a novice...and I'm working on relaxing my perfectionist tendency.

I'm updating this post to tell you how I came to try to create a Webinar. Well, actually, I can HONESTLY say I DID create a Webinar.  It just wasn't good.

Note: I deleted the link....I don't think it was live anymore. I left my description of how you would have to "fast forward" to get to actually begin to see slides or hear my voice. Yeah, I want to make sure you know just how not good it was.

How did I launch into this act of futility? I watched an online Webinar/Conference. The speakers were so good and inspiring and had me truly convinced that I could do this. Side note: They are good at their online productions! Really good. And at the end of the last seminar, the presenter asked us to tweet out what our own webinar would be about. The one that she had challenged us to create within seven days...that webinar. YEAH, so I was caught up in the moment and I tweeted.

Well, once I tweeted that was it. I was committed. And since I was committed I wanted it to be something that was, you know, sort of good. It would be okay if it wasn't as polished as someone who had created many, many webinars, but since it was going to be out there for the public to see...I didn't want it to be an embarrassment. 

So, I went live and did my entire PowerPoint presentation. Then, when I watched the replay I saw two things: #1 the PowerPoint slides did not advance. The picture did not move from the title page for the entire time that I cluelessly talked through them. 

The second thing I saw was that the lighting and image of me talking was not at all like the image I was seeing as I presented. It was a pale washed out person that looked like a hologram. 

Then, thirdly, I learned that my Dad could see this presentation! And that he was in fact watching!! I don't know if he saw it live or if he tuned in for the 15 minutes or so the presentation was available for replay. I do know he called me and said, "What happened to your painting?" Followed by advice to "wear makeup next time". Ya gotta love trying new things.

And that is my story.

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