Saturday, July 11, 2015

How Do You Travel?

I have some of the pictures I'm going to share from our Wilmington trip...but my husband took so many more. So this is just a "peek" to "pique" your interest. See what I did there? 

How do you decide on travel accommodations? Do you prefer a hotel room with a view? Or maybe a secluded cabin in the mountains? I have loved both types of experiences. I had a wonderful hotel experience in NYC and a couple of fun ones in Vegas. I even stayed in a few hotels in the Seattle area. These were great experiences. 

I've stayed at a mountain lodge with beautifully serene views.

My Airbnb experiences have shown me the beauty of this as an opportunity to travel more often and to more places (affordability). 

A friend of mine  traveled Europe using Airbnb. Another friend traveled Europe using Hostels. I can see how that might be cool too.

Here's another option: Renting an RV. Have you tried this? I can see how this could be fun. If you've done it, please tell me about it.

Jordan and I have been watching HGTV (isn't everyone?). There's a new show about Tiny Houses. --I love the *idea* of a tiny house. But, I don't love the idea of the potential for claustrophobic cabin fever. BUT...I would love to stay in one for a vacation.

For me, travel includes thinking about accommodations for our pup. I looked into giving DogVacay a try. It works similarly to  Airbnb with online profiles. When you find one that may be a fit, you arrange a meet and greet...or whatever you need to feel comfortable that this person is going to take good care of your pooch. 

We didn't end up using the DogVacay option. We didn't have that instant connection in the meet and greet. We may try again; but right now, if I can get a boarding reservation at one of our favorite places I'm happy.

Leave a comment with your thoughts. 

If you are traveling, be safe. 

If you are at the NC coast...DON'T go in the water. Seriously.


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