Father's Day Thoughts

by - June 14, 2015

I'm thinking about Father's Day and wanted to share a little about mine. My husband took the photo above. It's one of my favorites. In that photo, we are at "Grandma's House". You can't see it here, and it won't be there too much longer. This is the where my Dad grew up and where I spent my summer days. 

Notice the truck? My Dad likes trucks. He likes blue jeans, denim shirts and trucks. He also likes negotiating a deal. It doesn't matter if it for a car or a pair of shoes he just wants to get the absolute best deal possible. Finding and negotiating the best deal is part of the "fun".  

Do you remember the Monty Python movie The Life of Brian? Brian buys something from a street vendor and tries to pay full price. The vendor is insulted! No, no, no. We have to haggle. 

Well, that's my Dad. It's not a deal if there wasn't a haggle.

Dad was always working a deal. When we were growing up one day a boat just appeared in the back yard. It was just a row boat (or something). There was absolutely no body of water near us for boating (or rowing), yet...there it was. A few weeks later, the row boat was gone. It had been replaced with a pontoon boat. And later a motor boat replaced the pontoon boat. We kids didn't even really bat an eye. That was just how it was. Sometimes when you haggle, you end up with a boat.

Sign From Dad's Parent's Country Store
Dad loves to give. If you want or need anything he will gladly give it to you. Or give you something that is sort of like what you wanted / needed. Really, its something that isn't really anything at all like that thing, but something that you may be able to use and make work. 

Growing up I wanted a little lamb. I must have visited a petting zoo and saw a cute fuzzy lamb. What girl would want a lamb? It seemed perfectly reasonable that I should want a lamb. So, I asked Dad to get me a lamb. I asked him often for this very cute (imaginary) lamb. 

One day Dad took me to Grandma's place which still had a barn and other things that used to support a farm. As we were walking, off in the distance I could hear "bah....baaahhh". Oh my gosh! I was about to be presented with my very own lamb. I loved her before I even saw her. 

When I saw her, though, she wasn't a lamb. She was full grown. Yet, she wasn't a sheep either. She was a goat. Yep. I had my very own Nanny goat. We named her Nanny. She was not at all soft or little. She was as tall as my waste. She was not a pygmy goat. She was just a simple black goat with horns. And because she was a Nanny, she had to be milked every day. True Story.

Now I'm thinking of Father's Day gifts. Funny thing...he loves to give but he does not enjoy receiving gifts. I mean really! I don't know if it's because he doesn't "need" anything or if he doesn't want someone spending money on him. I have no idea. So, what do you get a Dad who doesn't want anything? Let me know if you have any ideas. I've got less than a week to come up with something brilliant. 

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