Friday, April 11, 2014

NYC's~Brooklyn & Coffee Company

Look! I made a GIF! This is from photos I took in NYC (The End of 2012).

What can I say? It's not's my very first one. I was trying to capture the dog in the window above the Brooklyn Bagel Company. I love that the dog moves and that the curtains above the dog's window open and close. 

I didn't go into the Bagel Shop and now I wish I had.

I love the urban life this photo captures. A nice size dog...not a pint size "apartment dog" and a residence above retail. We don't have that where I live now. We did have it in Bellevue, WA and of course some in Seattle. In Bellevue the urban style condos and apartments above retail was still nouveau and so not the same as NYC.

Hope you enjoy the weekend.

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