Sunday, April 27, 2014


Our minister left on sabbatical after Easter's service. Which is bittersweet. I know she will come back refreshed with new insights to share, but I also miss her. Today was the first Sunday our Interim Sabbatical Minster joined us and she is also wonderful. She gave a great reflection on what is was like the days after Jesus left the tomb. Scary for so many. And poor Thomas gets the label "doubting" for all time. As the minister said, Thomas asked for only what the others had already seen. It's not clear that the other disciples would have been able to understand and believe except that they saw.

Jordan and I were tired. He is bone tired. He traveled this week and completed Herculean tasks that felt insurmountable. He was not alone...he worked with his siblings. Each of their strengths and talents are being used to complete the work ahead of them. Each of them has knowledge and skill and expertise in different areas and one skill is dependent on another. It's an amazing example of "using your gifts". Each sibling's gift is enhanced and enriched when complemented with the others' gifts. None of them could do this alone. At least not well. 

I am tired mainly for waiting. You already know that waiting is not my strong suit. I am also tired from staying up way past my bedtime so that I would be able to welcome him when he got home. I missed him so and I wanted to spend time with him and hear his stories...especially while they were fresh.

After only a few hours sleep we decided to go to church. It would have been so easy to just sleep in. We deserved it....or at least he did. But we went and I'm always glad when we do.

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