Friday, April 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday Thoughts

My daughter has been doing "Thursday Throwback" photos on FB. It's fun to see what she throws back to. I think of it a "Blast from the Past".

Anyway, maybe I've had writer's block. Not sure. But I found a piece I wrote long ago about a time from even longer ago. I'll share it here...only, please don't judge.

When my daughter was in elementary school I often had to sign her in "late". It was so lovely going into the school office and feel judged by the school secretary. She clicks her tongue as though I am the one in trouble. Which, I guess I am. The one in trouble that is. After-all my child couldn't very well drive herself to school could she?

Each time my daughter was tardy (ahem, I was late), I had to sign a log. It was an acknowledgement, if you will, of my being a negligent if not just simply a bad parent. I had to write an explanation for my child's tardiness. Every. Single. Time.

"Really?!" I wanted to say, "If my kid is late then you know I'm REALLY late. I still have to get to work, you know." I mean, how else can we afford to live in the house that affords my daughter the right to go to such a good school?

Driving into the school drop off zone, I would try to come to a rolling stop as I said to my sweet child, "I'm sure you're not late. It's probably just the first bell," I would say as I encouraged her to go ahead into school.

"But Mom," she would say, "you know we're late. The teachers aren't out here anymore and there are no other cars in drop off." She was right, of course. All of the good mothers had already been and gone.

Parking illegally in the drop off zone, I would take my sweet girl to the office so I could be judged. It was bitter medicine. My girl was here! Here, bathed, clothed and homework done. I'm not a complete failure. (Am I ?) Am I traumatizing my kid?

So each day I would smile as I wrote down our excuse in the log. "Car wouldn't start; Alarm didn't go off," that sort of thing.  Once I wrote, "You don't even want to know".

Did I tell you the secretary reads what I've written in the log before she issues the admission slip? Often she read while pursing her lips to look at me. She thinks carefully before deciding if my reason is acceptable. Finally, she writes the admission slip for my cherub. The "Get Into Class Free" card. "Yes," she decides, "this little girl will get her free public education today". I'm thankful and I'm sheepish and I'm grateful.

"Yes," I say to myself, "even children with flaky working mothers deserve their education". 


  1. LOVE this story!! I totally remember my many morning running late to school but now that im older i have a better understanding of how you must have felt! I was always so embarressed to be late and have to drag you inside to take (waste) time in the admissions office before walking into my class where everyone would turn around and stare at me... but now that I'm a working professional who is a lot like her mother in the sense that I like my sleep and am often late, I can understand the frustration on your part back in those days! I cant imagine running late to work now and having to take even more time to not only drop off my kid but to take more time to walk them inside and deal with snooty (b*tchy) administrators who are just at the end of the day going to write the damn slip anyway to admit the kid into class. What else would they do... "no, im sorry but that explanation is unacceptable and your kid may not be admitted to class and will be punished for being tardy"... ridiculous! I'm sure when I'm a mom I will be going through the exact same thing but you know what, everytime I'm going to write things like "you dont even want to know" ;). You were a great mom and you def dont deserve to be judged on something so demeaning. Good times.... lol

    1. It's funny, right? I know lots of mothers were able to be on time...but what are ya gonna do. :)


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