Thursday, March 13, 2014

I've Fallen (down a rabbit hole) and I Can't...

I've missed writing here. Please forgive my absence. I have wanted to write about so many things these past two days. Tonight I was almost giddy to be able to tell you you about a new writer I found. Her story was so spot on that it made my heart sing. 

But then, as the title of the post suggests, I fell down a rabbit hole. Hopefully this post will have enough continuity to be worth reading. I'm feeling very extemporaneous tonight. Which thing to tell you about first?? Okay, I think I will go with the new writer and her story. Then after that, I will give you a hint about the rabbit hole.

Here goes:
Today started like any other work day. Well, that isn't entirely true. My boss (really great boss), took vacation for the next two days. He never takes vacation. He's really great to work with and he is great about letting me know how much he values my work. He works hard. I used to think I work hard. But he works REALLY hard. He's passionate about what we do and I'm proud to be on his team. I know for a fact that he does not read my blog...or any social media for that matter, so all of those accolades I just paid him are simply to tell you that my boss is great and he never takes vacation. Having him take a vacation (out of town on a trip with his family) gave me the opportunity to see him almost in vacay mode. He was in a super good mood yesterday and SUPER FOCUSED. Which meant I was super focused because we had a lot to get done in just a half day. So today, I was not as focused as I usually am. Don't know if my brain was a little fried/frayed...or what. But that is what I mean by the day was a little different than usual.

Certainly not to imply that I didn't work today...I did...but I wasn't as efficient as I usually am...or wanted to be. Anyway, I had to take some corrections to a co-worker. And here is where my day got interesting.

In her office was a beautiful painting of a beachy landscape. When she told me that the painting was by her granddaughter I was even more intrigued. I really loved the color and the brush strokes. I couldn't take my eyes off the work. I asked if it was an oil painting because I've only used acrylic and I have this sense that oil may be "better" for large intense painting. But, no, it is acrylic. And, the granddaughter is in the 9th grade. Incredible!

After I couldn't stop talking about the painting my friend told me that her granddaughter's short story is published in a new book/anthology available on Amazon. What?? Yeah. The good news is that my friend had a copy of the story (not the book yet) and let me read it. 

It's been a while since I've enjoyed a good short story. So, while I was on lunch break I took the short story to read. It was great. Just great! I was hooked right away. I could "see" her setting and I ached for her characters. BUT, I also loved the hope that her story showed. So many wonderful "truisms" that really spoke to me today. Just reading this little story reminded me of the specialness connecting with other people.

The story also reminded me to pay attention to happy little moments. Happy Little Moments are sometimes more than enough. 

Here is the book that the story is published in. I haven't purchased the book yet, but I feel compelled to for this story alone. If you are curious, check it out on Amazon. There are snippets of a few of the stories that can give you an idea of the stories. If you take a look I think you will be able to guess which story made my heart full. If you are curious and want to make a so in my comments and I'll reply.
The Harford County Public Library has collected some of the best short stories the county's teenage population has to offer! 

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