Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Sewing Machine Treasure

I may have mentioned that we purchased our home from my parents. It is not the home I grew up in...but the one that Dad and Mamacita bought when they were newly married. One of the things I love about living here is that it felt like home the minute we moved in. 

I never lived here before we purchased but was at this house so many times. It was very comfortable and homey. We enjoyed many holidays here not to mention weekends when we were overnight guests.

I love the touches that Dad brought to his landscaping from his mother's house. Petrified wood from Grandma's house is used to border his plants in the front yard. And slate pavers in the back yard are also from Grandma's house. I love that we can feel and see our history when we look around. 

It's also fun to continue to find things Dad left behind, likely with the intent to come back to get when he has time. I've taken a few pics of the things I've found that make me smile. 

I told my sister and Mamacita that I found a bowling ball in the back yard. They made fun of me saying I must have mistaken a reflective ball for a bowling ball. But I ask you, the ball above the cow? Bowling Ball or Reflective Ball? Bowling Ball right? The cow is Mamacita's. Not to worry, she found her way to her new home with the parents. 

In the very back of the yard was the base of Grandma's Singer sewing machine. Dad had put an enamel top on it to use as a potting bench. It just so happened that Tanya from the Dans Le Townhouse blog shared her DIY treadle sewing machine base desk project. Please checkout her pic. I love it. Too excited I called my Dad and Mamacita and excitedly asked them to come see what I found. They came and I took them to the very back of the yard to help them envision this beautiful piece once it is painted. I envisioned making my own desk.

I had such a great plan and I wanted Dad to help me. I just love how he loves a project. Dad brought his truck over and retrieved machine taking it to his house for our big painting project. 

Sometimes my ideas are so exciting but my follow through is lacking. Dad called almost every Saturday to see if I wanted to come paint my treasure. But, I just couldn't see myself doing anything outside in the heat of the summer.

Dad also found a lovely piece of stone for the top. The top is heavy enough that it's stable without the need for bolts. 

Lovely, right? What a treat for me to have the "idea" and because of my procrastination my Dad made it better than I could have imagined. I decided this works better as a table for me. You can see some of my favorite things now live on this table.  

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  1. What a wonderful idea. And better yet, what a fantastic Dad you have to actually do the project for you! Very nice.

    1. I know...right? I love the idea and the execution. I wonder what else I should brainstorm and let my Dad take over. :)

  2. My Mom has one of these, I'm totally going to show her this!!

    1. Isn't it cool that she has one of these? I think they are lovely. I'm just glad my Grandmother kept hers even after she upgraded to an electric singer.! :)


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