Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's at Sissy's

This New Year's we celebrated a little differently. By that I mean we got together to celebrate as a family. Sissy hosted a family gathering / lunch at her house. Sissy definitely has the gift of hospitality. You may remember her July 4th Gathering a couple of years back. As you see, I forgot to get pics of people this holiday too. My pics center around Sissy's style and talent. Actually, I can't really take credit for the pics. Jordan was a true sport and took them for me. I told him what I wanted pics of and he did a great job of getting them.

Sissy had re-arranged some things since the last time I was there. The dresser that the pear is on was in the dining room. It looked great there. Next time I will try to get a pic of the entire dresser.

I love how Sissy put her house together. It's a combination of mid-century modern and antiques. The dresser (with the beautiful marble top) was our Grandfather's. I remember that dresser in his bedroom. We spent so much time at my Grandparent's house it felt like home or like an extension to our home. It's so nice to see this piece in Sissy's house. It's new and nostalgic at the same time.
Sissy made the table centerpieces. She is so creative.
Sissy made such a lovely tablescape for us. The dishes she inherited from Grandma. These were Grandma's fancy dishes, the ones that lived in the dining room buffet. We ate in that dining room on Thanksgiving and Christmas with those special dishes. Sissy loved those dishes so much she said she remembers spending time in the dining room playing with the teacups and dishes. Grandma loved to see people appreciate things so she promised the dishes to Sissy. How cool was it to see those dishes again on New Year's?

The goblets were Mom's. I love that Sissy uses the things that she loves. Actually uses the dishes and the goblets. I remember those goblets being displayed in Mom's dining room china cabinet. As we were growing up we were each allowed to re-arrange the lovely goblets in the china cabinet along with Mom's other treasures.

So do you see the green pear? It's made of paper. It is so cool. I've never seen anything like it. I love it. Did I mention I like Sissy's style?

For our amazing lunch, we had Beef Bourguignon. The Julia Child's recipe....made famous by the movie Julie & Julia. Well, first by the blog, then the book (Julie & Julia) and then the movie. Actually, first Julia Child's book: Mastering the Art of French Cooking... then the blog, then the book, then the movie.

I digressed a little there. My point was that it was a special meal that Sissy made look effortless...even though I know it was not effortless. And it tasted like heaven.

Hope you are having a sweet beginning to the year.

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