Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Evening with The Crawleys

You may remember...that is if I didn't forget to tell you...that Jordan & I dropped our cable. We were paying entirely too much money for so many channels that more often than not were garbage. So, we went to just basic local channels. This change has resulted in our new addiction to Netflix. This means we can watch any television show (typically a season or so after they aired on "regular" TV). No commercials! And the ability to watch show after show one right after the other. I love the  continuity of seeing multiple episodes in succession.

So, all of this to tell you that we are now watching the first episode of Season 4 of DOWNTON ABBEY. Yes, we didn't watch it when it premiered. I can't bear to watch this show with the jarring breaks of any kind of commercial. How is it that I love these people so?

So...with my lovely hour with the Crawley family over....and before the next one begins I wanted to jot out a post. I realized I wanted to put larger photos of Sissy's lovely New Year's dinner party. 
Another of my past times is reading Houzz. And I happened upon this fun little post that I will share with you here:
Everything I Need to Know About Decorating I Learned from Downton Abbey {Mind your manors with these 10 decorating tips from the PBS series}


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