Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two of My Favorite T-Day Sides

There was a time that I actually cooked. I would not say I was good at it...but I did cook. And who knows when I will be inspired to cook again.

I thought I would share two of the recipes from my Family Cookbook. Growing up, we had these sides at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The first recipe is my Grandmother's Dressing. We called it "dressing" not "stuffing". We did not stuff the bird. Instead, we made the bread "dressing" in a cake or brown pan. And, like brownies, we cut the dressing into squares. If you haven't had dressing this way you may want to try it. Of course, the gravy makes it!

Thanksgiving would not be complete without sweet potatoes. Preferably whipped into a sweet delight. My mother made the Sweet Potato Casserole below. As a teenager, it became a signature side dish that I would make. I've made this without the topping as well and it is still good.

Though I've only made this dish as described above, the recipe can also be used with butternut squash as well as pumpkin. 

The recipe template came from Cindy at "Skip to My Lou". She has other cute templates as well.

I hope you enjoy whatever you choose to have this Thanksgiving. 


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