Monday, April 8, 2013

Read 'Em If Ya Got 'Em

Goodreads is kind of cool. Feel free to connect to me.

Though....I don't go on there often...and sometimes I lie about what I'm actually reading. Not really. 

But's cool. I joined the "Chick Lit Club" on Goodreads, thought, I haven't actually participated in the club portion...I do enjoy seeing what books they are planning on reading. This month I got an email that said they have chosen the Marian Keyes novel, Watermelon

You may not know this...but it is one of my all time favorites.

I was captured at the first page:

February the fifteenth is a very special day for me. It is the day I gave birth to my first child. It is also the day my husband left me. As he was present at the birth I can only assume the two events weren’t entirely unrelated.
I love that last sentence! So, if you haven't read this one you may want to check it out.

So, thinking about some of my favorite books, you may remember my most recent favorite is: Where'd You Go Bernadette? And one of my classic favs is, Three Wishes. Plus, I love everything I've read by Jen Lancaster.

So, going down memory lane I though I'd share two other fun reads. The book, Heart Conditions made Sara Lewis one of my all time favorites.

This one is about Alice who finds out she's pregnant just after her boyfriend splits! (What is it about women having to do the whole pregnant and birthing and maybe mothering thing alone that fascinates me?)
To make matters worse (or better?) Alice goes to help her grandmother and gets to do things like chauffeur her to the hair dressers during a blizzard. That's the kind of good granddaughter she is.
Here's a snippet:
"Shall I ask Mary Lou if she has any ideas about your hair?" Mary Lou was my grandmother's hairdresser."No," I said."I like my hair," I lied. Gram said, "That's unfortunate."  See? Priceless.
And finally, there's Katherine Center's, Get Lucky.
Sarah Harper is a girl after my own heart! Here are the first lines:
First I got fired for emailing a website with hundreds of pictures of breasts to every single person in our company. Even the CEO and chairman of the board. Even the summer interns. 
Looking back, I may have been ready to leave my job. I'd like to give myself the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes the crazy things I do are actually very sensible. And sometimes, of course, they're just crazy.
Wicked funny! 

Let me know what you're reading this Spring. I hope it makes you laugh.


  1. I'm on goodreads! I'd be interested to join the chicklit club, I'm a big chick lit fan- did you know Helen Fielding is writing another Bridget Jones book to come out this fall?

  2. I have read "Watermelon" along with other Marian Keyes books. I enjoyed it and (most) of her other work as well.

  3. Watermelon sounds like a great read....why would a husband leave after his wife gives birth? I want to know!!! I love Goodreads, and I just sent you a friend request!

    Thanks so much for linking-up to Literary Friday. I need to check out the chick lit group!



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