Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mid-Week "Hello"

I can't talk (write) long. It's already past my bedtime. --My new bedtime that is. I'm sure I told you I'm trying to get my 8 hours of shut-eye per night. One of my doctors told me that this will make me smarter. --Okay...what she actually told me is that it will help me not get stupid. 

Doctors are taking this whole sleep thing very seriously. I guess research is bearing out that when you are sleep deprived you actually lose cognitive skills. I don't know if these are permanent losses or if they come back when the sleep deprivation is replenished. 

Plus, I have that new way I travel for work. It is not stressful (Yay), but adds 15 min to my commute. My commute is between 45 to 60 minutes. The highway is about 40 minutes (assuming no accidents and also assuming I don't die of a panic attack from all the crazy traffic and lane changes and 18 wheelers blowing that make my car feel like a leaf in the wind when they barrel past.

Plus, work starts an hour earlier than my prior job. So basically, that all means I have to get up a full 2 hours earlier than I have in over 2 years. EEK.

Good news? I leave work an hour earlier than I did at my old job. And, I get home earlier than I did at my old job. --That sounds intuitive, but given that my old job was a mere 7 miles away from my house...it's not necessarily a "given". The key is to actually LEAVE the office right at "quittin' time".

Anyway, I'm doing better at Jeopardy each night. That could be the sleep. Although...I totally stink at Teenage Jeopardy.

Last thing...all 5 of the semi-finalists from High School jeopardy are male! There are 3 females that made it into the semi-finals as wild cards. Coincidence? I would say "NO".

Anytime you have this type of statistical "anomaly" you have to question if the clues/questions were written in some sort of biased way. Even if the bias was completely unintentional...it should still be corrected.

Again, tonight is a good example that "Yes" the questions are biased. An entire category to "Sports Stars". A category for "Geography". I'm not sure that adding a category for "Finish the Title of the Book" evens out the imbalance of who is likely to know these answers. If the books to be named are standard High School English...then there has not been a field leveler.

Granted, we all like to think that there are no subjects that guys do better in that gals. But biology tells us that this is not true.

It bears repeating that there were NO female "winners".  The females got in only as wild cards. (Based on who among the "losers" had the highest winnings. The fact that 3 of the 4 Wild Card semi-finalists were female...tells me that females have a better strategy for keeping their money once it's on they've "earned it".

So...get it together, Jeopardy! Work on more gender-neutral categories. And, I'm not even kidding.


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