Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm a Giver

Sometimes I just think I'm the smartest thing.  Remember when I was blue & I used my daughter's doggie photo as a sort of "mantra"?

I was so in love with the photo (and so many more photos that she has taken of these sweet bundles of fur and energy). I'm still in love with it.

Do you remember when I made myself a present?

Well...I had a coupon for another item at Paper Coterie that was about to expire (I mean literally. The day I had my great idea was the same day my coupon expired!)  So, I decided if I love the photo of daughter's doggies so much...she must love it even more. So...being that I like to make things...and I LOVE to create gifts...I used the coupon and created a photo book of daughter's doggies.

I thought...this will be a sweet little gift...maybe for Christmas or her birthday.

But when the book arrived I could not contain my excitement. I gave it to daughter the next day! Am I sweet or what?

Anyway, if you'd like to take a peek at my masterpiece  sweet little book, click on the snapshot above.

Truth is...all I really did was assemble the photographs and place them into the pre-made layout of the book. I could have added text and made it a little snazzier (sorry, D). But like I said, the coupon was about to expire. I decided that the photos spoke for themselves.
* So, to recap*:

I am Smart. 
I am Creative.
I like Gifts.
I'm a Giver.
And a Sharer.

Hope you are having a fun week!


  1. It really is a cute book! Thanks again! ;)

    1. So glad you like it. :) Those dogs are too cute.

  2. Always love reading your fun posts:) You should feel very proud of your masterpiece! Thanks for coming to party with us at Whimsy Wednesday!

    Smart! School {House}


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