Monday, October 8, 2012

Cozy Sunday

The Hubs and I went out on Saturday and spent the day out. It was a perfect day. After our visit to the two lakes, we went to the Butterfly House. This was my first visit to the local butterfly house. It is a part of the local Museum of Life and Science. 
This has been on my list of things to do for quite some time. The Museum of Life and Science holds special memories for me. My mother took my sisters and I there on Saturdays. This place provided many hours of entertainment. We took turns "riding" on the plaster lion and we chased each other as we played on the train caboose. I don't know which was more fun...playing make-believe on the train caboose or walking along the Dinosaur Trail. Happy memories were had here. 
I have (somewhere) a newspaper article that I clipped just weeks before we moved to the Pacific NW. The article was about the museum's fate and the questionable future. I clipped the article and it traveled with me across the country and back again. I think I kept the article for the memory of one of my childhood happy places. 
I was happily surprised that the museum survived. More than survived...thrived. I have to believe the Butterfly House helped with the museum's revival. 
What a wonderful sanctuary to visit. I plan to visit again when I have random days off work. I want to sit and experience the butterflies while others are in school (or work) and I can sit and watch and wonder at their loveliness without distraction.  
Sunday's plan was to venture out to the local gardens for more photo opportunities. The day was nice and overcast and so much cooler than Saturday. Jordan prefers an overcast day for photos so we were pleased with our luck. 
Just after we parked (but before we got out of the car) the weather changed to rain complete with thunder and lightning. And just like that our plans changed. 
New plans included a fire in the fireplace a cozy robe and sweet coffee. 
What a treat!


  1. :D Sounds like a nice place to visit! We visited the B'ham Museum of Art over the weekend!


    1. That is so cool that you went to the museum too. I'm always so awed by how many things are available to see close to home. I need to plan visits to more museums. :)

  2. ooo fun! We have a Butterfly place around here, but I have never been! I always thought it would be fun, I need to check it out!

    1. This was the second Butterfly house I've visited. I went to one in the Niagara Falls area, which was bigger. Both experiences were quite special. I will be going back. :)

  3. Honestly, theres nothing better than a rainy day spent inside, by the fire, in your pjs, sipping coffee or hot tea, and cuddleing on the couch with a book, your hubby, or your favorite movie! :) I need more days like this!


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