Larger than Life Memory

by - September 03, 2012

Today is an interesting day of my mind pulling in memories. Some of the memories I didn't trust as real. One, actually. I woke up this morning and the memory was so real but cloaked in memory fog. I started to write about the memory this morning. Then decided I wanted to verify it was real first. {Done.}

Returning to live in the town I grew up in does that to me.  ~Memories dance just on the edge of consciousness...almost out of reach. Here is what I remember: My two sisters and I were in the living room of one of my Dad's colleague's home. The living room and the dining room connected and the dining room had a sliding glass door that led to their backyard.  I remember being in their living room and venturing into the dining room to see their pet that was outside on the patio. Their pet LION.   I kid you not. They had a pet lion. My memory is that the lion stayed on the other side of the sliding glass door while we took turns asking questions.     
I remember wanting to touch him. He was so close and he was their pet!

I woke up this morning and remembered. I bet if I were to call either sister they would not remember and they would believe it was a dream. This was way before people were known for keeping exotic pets. And it was in my little southern town (for goodness sake). It doesn't sound like it could be real. 
BTW, I know that the photo to the left is not of a lion. It is a tiger. I know this from years of watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom every Sunday night before the Wonderful World of Disney. {I hope that doesn't date me too closely. That still comes on Nick at Nite...right?}

Anyhoo, the tiger photo is one I took at the Carolina Tiger Rescue. Can you believe how close I was to this amazing cat? This is via an iPhone. {In other words, I was close.} The Tiger Rescue/Sanctuary began in the '70s by a UNC geneticist, Dr. Michael Bleyman.  From what I understand, Dr. Bleyman respected the wildness of the wild animals. My point is...remembering visiting someone that had a pet lion doesn't really seem to be as far-fetched as you might think.

So...I called my Dad and asked him to come over for coffee. Never mind the fact that I don't have any coffee and don't have a real coffee maker...but I'm pretty sure he knows this. 

Sitting at the kitchen table, Dad and I watched the birds at our bird feeder. I said, "Dad, can you remember that time we went to your friends' house that had a pet lion?" I love this...he said yes...we visited someone that had a pet lion. He wasn't a "friend" but a neighbor of a friend. He described where the house was. He remembered driving in the neighborhood and the speaking to the man in his yard to ask if he would show the pet lion to Dad and us. And so, another crazy, larger than life memory is verified.

Hope your day and weekend was wonderful.

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  1. I love memories. They make me so happy. I like to write about "memory lane" a lot. Whether I write about it in my journal or my blog... I think its because memories are what make us who we are!


    Danielle Faith

    1. I know what you mean about memories. This one was cool, because somehow it hadn't made it into the "folklore" of our family's story telling and was almost a lost memory. --Way before we could document with cell phones so we would "never" forget. :)

  2. So my takeaway from this post is I think it is so cool you called your dad to come over, and he did! I don't have any family close to me, so I think that is the coolest! And to be that close to a tiger? Crazy!!! So good to have good memories to look back on! :)

    1. I agree it's too cool that I can just call Dad to come over and minutes later he is there. :) This is the first time I've lived this close to him as an adult. (We moved "back" two years ago). I'm loving it! And the tiger thing is very cool. I was so glad there was a fence between us.

  3. A memory like this one is a true blessing - a gift of the unexpected and unique experience. And it makes sense that this gift came to you by way of someone as unique as your dad - another true blessing.

    1. Right! So many fun things happened in my child hood. I think he is still a kid.


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