Monday, September 17, 2012

Another ME Gift {What?}

I've been wanting to tell you about ANOTHER new thing I got in the mail. (I'm loving the mail service.) Okay, okay...this time this ME gift was F.R.E.E. So it doesn't go towards my overuse of my Etsy account.

In fact, I found this opportunity by blogging. One of the blogs I stumbled upon gave details on how first time purchasers from Paper Coterie can get a journal for free. (Caveat, I did pay shipping.)

Anyhoo, as a journal writer, I couldn't pass up the chance to make my own personal journal. I found one of my fav pics of myself (taken by the Hubs). And used it for the cover. The original cover title was "favorite quotes". But I changed it to say "favorite things". My thought is that this may help my journal writing to be uplifting and based on things that inspire me.

The sub-quote is "Savoring the everyday moments". The sub-text was all mine. I love the thought of savoring.

So, now I'm in love with Paper Coterie and I wrote them to tell them that I want to share my fun find with my fun readers. I wanted to share my cute book (cute because I'm on the cover?).

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