A Little Bit About My Birds

by - September 18, 2012

Earlier this week I mentioned my birds. I realized that they do not get as much blog time as Jacob {the Adorable Poodle}. I thought I would share a little more about these cute little creatures that share my heart. 

Both Caroline and George are small parrots. When I first fell in love with a parrot I could not get enough information about them. When one grabs your heart...you are done for. Before living in the Puget Sound area, I had never had a bird for a pet. I never had a budgie or a canary or a finch. I grew up in a semi-rural area (though it is no rural today). Our pets were dogs and cats and a pony and a goat. 

Before I became a parrot owner I didn't realize that not all parrots talk. I've met several parrots that do talk and several that don't. I can tell you the ones that don't talk can be very sweet and definitely communicate in their own way. Caroline is a green cheek conure (yellow sided). Green cheeks often talk but their voice is tiny and gravelly. Caroline communicates more with her dancing and her flirting than she does with her small little voice. She is very clear that she wants you to come play with her and she scolds us when we leave the room. She likes to be able to see her people. 

George is a cockatiel. This little guy loves to woo you with his whistles. He says a few things  well...like: "What ya doin' George?" George is clumsy and cautious and will test a new perch to verify it is "safe" many, many times before venturing onto it. 

Caroline loves to be held and played with. George, however, is afraid of hands. He will coo and whistle all you want as long as you make no move to pet him. What can I tell ya? They are two cute quirky individuals.   

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  1. I have a cockatiel too, who I lovingly refer to as Bella the Neurotic Cockatiel? They are adorable birds though, aren't they!

    1. I love having these little guys. Our cockatiel is such an attention hog! And a little clumsy and maybe neurotic too. :) All endearing qualities in a pet.

  2. I LOVE birds! I think I would already have one (or a couple) if I didn't have cats. I had a little blue budgie as a teenager who talked a bit, and I think that's when the fascination began.

    I must say that my heart breaks every time I go into a petstore and see those big beautiful parrots and cockatoos locked up in tiny cages. They poke their beaks through the bars trying to get any little bit of attention they can. Fortunately for Max, they are also very expensive, because if they weren't, I might have sprung a few from their prison cells and brought them home by now!

    Hope you're well,

    1. I never knew how much personality birds have and that you can actually bond to them before getting my birds. I never had a budgie, but I think they are so adorable. The big parrots are cool too. I know what you mean that if they weren't so expensive you have one or two at home now. :)


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