What Do I Do? When I'm not Bloggin'?

by - June 02, 2012

Once again, I have been away from you much too long.  I haven't written about what I do for a living yet.  Anyhoo, I am a banker.  I've worked in some banking or finance role since I got out of college. {Caveat, I did take two years off--but I digress.}

My current job is one of my coolest jobs yet. It's a niche bank that caters to start up or newly started companies.  So, we get to work with some really cutting edge type companies and some really cool individuals with great ideas and courage.

The other kinda cool thing about the bank I work for?  We don't have a retail presence.  We are strictly a commercial bank.  No bank branches, teller windows, ATMs.  It is nothing like most people would think of as a bank.

I have most often worked in the operations side of things...I've never been a teller and I've never worked in a bank branch.  So, even though I have almost always worked for a bank, you would never run into me in the bank.

I don't talk about my job for several reasons.

#1: I want to stay a multi-faceted person with many interests.  I enjoy work.  I've always enjoyed work.  It's easy for me to become consumed by work.  {Crazy hours. Taking work home. Researching solutions for projects in my spare time.} I enjoy figuring out puzzles.

BUT, All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.  It's too easy to go from passionate to obsessive.

# 2:  I love my blog space and blog time.  It's kinda my sanctuary. I want to be sure that I don't mess up my blog zen.

# 3:  There isn't a # 3.  But I said "several" not a "couple" of reasons, soooooo.  Oh, not everyone thinks banking is sexy interesting.

But, before I leave the topic of my job/work let me just say:  I'm good at it.  Really, really good at it. 
And I really, really enjoy what I do.

Plus, I have a REALLY cool boss.  Really.  Cool.  {Really}

Bankers often have to work a little bit crazy at the end of the month.  It's like Christmas Eve or Black Thursday for retail.  Yep, the last week of the month (every month) is my Black Thursday.  And don't even ask about Quarter End!

Year End?   Forgetaboutit

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  1. My husband works in finance too!

    1. That's cool. Hopefully he knows some secrets to make month end a little less hectic. :)

  2. Your job does sound cool! What a unique opportunity to work with unusual businesses. I love hearing about people who are excited about their work and like their bosses! What a positive spin.

    1. Thank you so much. I'm lucky. Can't wait to hear more about your work too.

  3. Having a cool boss is the best thing in the world (work-wise that is!). Consider yourself blessed... there are a whole lot of uncool bosses out there!


    1. I am so lucky to have a cool boss. I agree, it is the best. I've had some not so cool bosses in the past. This one is great!!

  4. It helps so much to have a boss you feel comfortable with! There's nothing more miserable at work than feeling on edge all of the time. My boss(es) are great, too! Lucky us!

    1. I agree...a good boss can make all of the difference. :)


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