Diamond Jubilee & Travel Journals

by - June 07, 2012

I'm feeling kind of left out because I wasn't at the Diamond Jubilee. England really knows how to throw a party.  Right?

I love the pageantry of the monarchy.  A little over a year ago the Royals gave us a beautiful royal wedding.  One that made me believe in glass slippers and ever after.  I loved that wedding and that bride.  Kate showed the world that it's possible to become a Princess {or Duchess} without giving up yourself.  For me, Kate Middleton made it okay to have Princess dreams {again}.
So, here we are again with another celebration in London. And I was not there.  That just seems wrong.  I mean, yes, I did have work. And, I failed to request the vacay time to jet over to London for a cup of tea and a Jubilee. Yes, that is true. And, I did just get back from vacation. But, still.

The festivities brought back memories of the {two} times I did visit London.  I love that city.

And, just for you, I went digging through my boxes for my Travel Journals.  I kept a separate journal for each trip.  Tonight I spent quite a bit of time reading my journal of my first trip.

I am SOOOO glad I kept a journal and actually wrote while I was there.  Actually wrote while I was living the experience.  So often, we {I} rely on photographs to document the experience and maybe a few tweets and facebook posts.  {Side note: FB & Twitter did not exist when I was visiting London.  Ahem...it was that long ago}

Reading my London journal vividly opened the memory box for me.  Not to mention that I haven't been able to find the photographs I took.  {Yes, it was film.  Not digital, but even so.}  I'm not sure a photo would bring back the tastes and the sounds and the feeling of being present again.

Because I love to read how others use journals, I have to believe you would love to read these lovely blogs.  Each post shows a different approach to Travel Journals. {When you hop over, tell 'em I sent ya.}

<<------ Kate, of Censational Girl wrote about her favorite travel souvenirs and travel journals.

Ashley, of The Creative Place wrote about her DIY Memory Books.

<<------ Elsie, of  A Beautiful Mess, shows us her Travel Journal.
Holly, of Decor8, also shared her Travel Diary + Tips.

I'd love to hear if you keep a Travel or Special Occasion Journal.  

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  1. New follower from Bloghop everyday. Cute blog ;) Love for you to follow back when you get a chance. I am hosting a Mom's Monday Mingle, love for you to link up!


    1. Hi Julie, Thanks for visiting and the follow. And thanks for sharing your Link Up info. I'm headed there now. :)

  2. I often think about my trip to London with you guys and I cannot wait to visit again, this time with my hubby! :) I have been thinking about London quite often lately, ever since I heard there was an international flight at RDU that took you directly to London! I am so lucky to have parents that were able to show me parts of the world that some people never get to see! I remember the shows we saw while we were there, Mama Mia (b4 the movie), and the other one with the witches (I can never remember the name of that one). And I'll never forget that they dont have "refills" there, every glass of soda you have is billed seperatley, and they kept wanting to put lemon in my soda (wrong!). Anyways, I cant wait to check out your journals, I'm so glad you did that on your trip! I've been begging dad to pull out the picture archives and give me some pics of our trip to london, specifically the pic of us in the red phone booth pretending to actually be talking on the phone! :) Good times!

    1. Good Times!! I need to find the Christmas Newsletter I did that year. It had a phone booth pic. :)

  3. I always travel with the intention of keeping a journal, but never seem to have enough time to write in it. I think maybe, I do too much on holiday and perhaps could use some built in reflection time. I live in England so was about for the Jubilee; it was a damp occasion, pretty rainy and cold. I enjoyed the celebrations thanks to the tv, but had a fun couple of days seeing all of the smaller community events. Thanks for popping over to see my blog, Craftbotic and following by GFC. I'm about to return the favour.

    Rosie xx

    1. So cool to hear about what the Jubilee was like for someone that lives there. I've only been to London twice. LOVED IT! The first trip I traveled by myself. This was really a good experience for me because I got to just soak it all in. :)


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