Monday, May 21, 2012

Tiffany from "The Coffeehouse"

I'm so excited!  Today Tiffany at The Coffeehouse is Guest Hosting. I love this Bloggy World.  I found Tiffany's blog and can't even tell you how. But the more I read the more I wanted to read. I'm so glad she accepted the invitation to Guest Host here. She seriously made my day.

Hi there. I'm Tiffany, husband is Dan and lab is Sherman. I blog over at The Coffeehouse; a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with coffee. Instead, I blog about everything, everyone and their dog. Literally. I love dogs.
I can't cook; husband cooks.
I can't sew; husband sews.

And I am still learning how to use my awesome new camera that I got recently.
But, I can tell you that I am great at being honest. Especially when it comes to things I can't do.

And I am also great at loving animals.
And loving animals is more important than knowing how to cook and sew, right?

Sherman says yes. Husband says no.
Imagine that.

Anyways, back to my love for animals. I grew up with pets. Pets have always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger, I had dogs, cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters and a hedgehog named Henry.

So, it’s natural for me to love animals. And it’s natural for me to think of my dog as my kid, right?  Ummm ... maybe.

Or maybe not. Especially when you start telling people that your dog is a kid. True story. A couple of months ago I met a lady in the grocery store. This lady and I were talking and towards the end of our conversation, she says “so, do you have any kids?”
Yes, one kid.

I walked out to my car, started my car and went 'Oh My Goodness'. I just told that lady that I have a kid! And I don’t. I don’t have a kid. I have a dog. A D.O.G.! Now, in my defense, I’m still trying to figure out if maybe I just misunderstood the lady and actually thought that she said “do you have any dogs?”

That would make sense. Because I do. I have a dog.

Ok, fine. I’m 99% sure she said “kids”. “Do you have any kids?”

Husband says I need help.

But, husband still married me … whether I need help or not.

So, I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not I’m crazy. If you actually do visit my blog, I'm pretty sure that the answer to this will be "yes". An absolute yes.

See ya later crazies,

Thank you so much, Tiffany, for this Guest Post.  I totally loved your conversation "mishap".

Isn't Tiffany great?  And her fur baby, Sherman is too cute for words.  When you go say "Hi" on Tiffany's blog, make sure you check out her post on The Eight Dollar Dog It's one of my favorites.


  1. hahaha, yup you're crazy!

    but that's why i adore you :)

    Izabella and Fella are my children too ... although I wouldn't admit that to anyone. So you are one step more crazy than i am, haha.

    1. Thanks dropping by. Tiffany is great!

  2. hahaha I love it!!!
    your not crazy... you just LOVE your dog/child!! don't worry, I am the same way, my animals must be inside and sleeping before I will sleep otherwise I am up every hour looking for them!! they are our kids & we worry about them!! they love us just as much or more than we love them!! Sherman is a happy dog because of you. You made a difference in his life!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Tiffany is great and Sherman is adorable. I loved her story. Hubs and I have a poodle that goes with us almost everywhere. --We weren't able to take him on vacation last week (flying, hotel, etc) but we missed him every day. We were so glad when we got him home. He's curled up beside me right now. :) Nothin' better.

  3. Um yes hi my name is Callie and we are soulmates. I sometimes comment on your Sherman stories over at your blog and maybe just sometimes share pictures of my dog on mine.

    1. I agree with you, Tiffany is great. I love her Sherman stories too. :)

  4. I love it! i always count the number of kids plus the dogs and give people the total as the number of kids we have! :)

    1. That is so cool. It reminds me of the bumper stickers that show stick figures of the family members with figures for the pets too. :)

  5. I totally think of my dogs as kids too!

    1. When my daughter visits we always say to our doggie, "Look, it's Sissy". :)

  6. New follower! Hi,kimberly. I really like your blog!

    No, I don't think your crazy at all! I have a daughter that feels the same way about her pets and animals. It's easy to become attached to animals! They are wonderful creatures!

    Love your wedding pictures! Everything on your blog just jumps right out at you - I like that!

    Hope you will visit my blogs and follow!
    My two blogs are below!

    Nice to meet you, Kimberly and to become aquainted with your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and the follow. I'll be visiting your blog next.

  7. So here I am bloghopping and then all of a sudden I see Tiff's face. Meant to be. Love her. Which means you have good taste in bloggers! :)
    x Jes

    1. I do have good taste in bloggers. :) Tiffany is great, I love her blog and i LOVE that she did a guest post here. --I just jumped over to your blog. Love the name. And the puppy is too cute.


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