Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday-and a RED VW {Among Other Things}

Did I tell you I have a VW Bug? A RED convertible VW Bug.  That's my car on the right. When we were choosing my car {3 years ago} Hubby and I were toying with if we wanted a black top or a tan top. As you can see we went with tan {which matches the interior}. But I absolutely love both color combinations. The last time I went to my dentist, I couldn't believe there was my car's compliment in the parking lot. I HAD to park beside it. And, of course, photos were required.  Aren't these two cars just perfect?

Monday, after work,  I rode with the top down.  I even made up a little song that I was singing when I parked in the garage. Lyrics are:  "I'm ridin' with the top down".  Yeah, you can sing it. I haven't copyrighted it and I won't sue you if you end up recording it and become a folk singer/rock star success.

You may have noticed that I wasn't online as much this week as usual.  It's been a tough couple of weeks in my world.  I can't share details but will say that someone I am very close to ended up in the hospital two weeks ago. This person is a walking picture of health. She started to have what I would call flu-like symptoms: Nausea and worse, fatigue (could be the result of a flu-like virus or the fact that she had been unable to eat for a couple of days.)  After not getting any better, even after a trip to a Doctor in a Box {others call it "Urgent Care"} she followed instructions and went to the hospital emergency room.

Have you ever been to the emergency room? I've been a couple of times. My first time was when I was 16. I was on a beach trip with my sisters and cousin. We had driven down on Friday and not long after we got there I was feeling woozy. Ended up in the emergency room and was diagnosed with food poison. I felt terrible and guilty. I felt that I single-handedly ruined our girls trip to the beach. I ate something before our trip and it gave me food poison. The good news is that the emergency room doctor gave me something to ease the stomach issues and I slept the rest of the weekend. Happily and blissfully slept.

Turns out that I scared my traveling friends but that they didn't blame me and they didn't see the trip as ruined. Once I was not in the throws of being sick, I was completely content to sleep while the girls were able to enjoy the beach. On Sunday, after sleeping for at least 24 hours, my Sissies and Cousin came to ask me a question...while I was asleep. I didn't fully wake up but was in a sleepy daze just coming up to answer the question before drifting back to sleep.  The question:  "We're going to the store, do you want anything?" My answer {without opening my eyes} was "ICE CREAM".

Anyway, my special, sick someone did not have the flu. It was something more serious that required a week-long hospital stay. She is now on the road to recovery and recuperating at home. Though, as you can imagine, anytime you are sick enough to need hospitalization, you come home pretty weak. My point is simply I haven't been blogging because I've been spending some time with this special person {though not nearly enough time}. And when I was not spending actual time with her, I was holding her in my heart and prayers. I'm still holding her there because recovery isn't fun really.

During all of this, a member of my extended family died. He had been quite ill for quite a while. I'm told that he was not in pain. This person lived an active life which made him happy. I also know that he knew he was loved.

The comic relief last week had to be my epic bathroom fall that resulted in a fat lip and a bump on the head. Once Hubby and I realized I was not "seriously" hurt {just bruised and banged up} there was no way we couldn't see how funny the whole falling thing was.  There's something about falling that makes you have to laugh.

I hope you had a chance to check out Jess at Living on Sweet Tea, especially check out the post where she featured me.  Jess asked some really fun questions to get to know me for the feature. Only after it was published AND after my husband read it {and called me laughing} did I recognize a "theme".  {Hubby likes to say: "Walk much?"}

You should also check out Michelle at Shell Bell.  This post is about her relationship with a RED VW Bug. We've already established I love a certain red bug so you can see why I would like this post.


  1. The Red Convertible VW suits you PERFECTLY :) Sorry to hear that things have been a little rough. Praying for you, your friend and family :) HUGS! Have a fabulous weekend, Kim.

    1. I do love that VW. It feels like a good fit. :) Thanks for your prayers and hugs.

  2. So I think maybe it's time to plan another Girls beach trip but this time you have to promise not to get sick!!! Seriously, I think we should think about a cousin trip to the Beach and this time we could even include Sylvia and Lori so it would be all the Girl cousins. We could even include the 2nd generation of girls like Danielle, Ashley and Christina.

    1. Another Girl's beach trip does sound fun. :) I promise not to eat cheese the day we go to the beach...and that should help us make sure I don't get sick.:)


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