Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year & Blogiversary

I missed posting a Happy Blogiversary Post to me and then I panicked. I have to get that out in the open right from the start. The kind of panic that had me staring at the computer like a deer in headlights and didn't write. And the more I didn't write, the more I couldn't write. But, stringing these few words together just now has helped.

I've been away from the blog for a few weeks. --I've been off celebrating the holidays. I hope your holidays were merry & bright. We had our celebration with our daughter on the Monday before Christmas. Dtr had decorated their home so festively. It was so cozy. 

The Parentals, Hubster & Sis had a quiet but fun gathering for lunch and gift exchanges. I was in pure heaven with the things I received. I received three books that have been on my wish list and a necklace, earrings and two bracelets as well as a beautiful pashmina.  (LOVE). I spent the day after Christmas lounging with my books! The day after Christmas at home was so luxurious!

I don't talk much about what I do for a I will quickly say that I work in banking. I love what I do (and I'm amazingly good at it). Our busiest time of the month is the last week of the month and they are crazy. The crazy escalates every quarter end (with late nights). And the CA-RA-ZY happens at year end. So, the week after Christmas was all work. 

New Year's was spent with Hubster's sister and bro & his wife.  A lot of words to say Hubster's siblings (by birth and marriage).  Some of our favorite people were in that house this weekend. Much laughing occurred. 

Gift highlights included a cookbook with recipes from people Hubster's Sista knows personally. I've looked up the Peach Cobbler and have it on my list of things to make.

We also received an adorable tree ornament of a poodle which is a nod to our three-year-old, Jacob. --Jacob our poodle (of course).  Hub & I l.o.v.e. that puppy dog. Funny enough, the hubster's siblings love their fur children too. I created a photo on canvas for each of their pups.  I also did this for the parentals' puppy (who is not a puppy at all...but who is happily doted on by everyone that meets him).

These pics give an idea of what the canvas pictures looked like. Though, I don't have a good image to show the 3 - D effect.

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