Tuesday, November 22, 2011

London IS Calling

One of my favorite bloggers, Tameka at Imperfection is the New Pink posted a really cool photo of London on her post "London Calling".  She totally wants to visit.  I think you should jump over and see the really cool photo.  London Post (with really cool photo).

Tameka's post reminded me that I want to share a little London with you that you can see anytime you want to.

I found this image of what Londoners think of people paying homage to the Beatles at the cross walk that they made famous.

Image source: Happy Place

I think this is completely hilarious.  Evidently, when tourists are playing around with crossing the road, they (we?) are keeping people that actually live and work there from getting where they want to go.

I get the impression that the people that pass this crosswalk everyday think that we are quite silly for acting like the crossing is "more than" a regular crossing.  I love this photo of the crossing.  Guess who the tourists are.

Image Source & Credit: WillMcC at Wikipedia

Anyway, if you go to London, below is a map to help you get to Abbey Road.  (Interestingly, I've been twice and somehow forgot to check this out).

Map courtesy of: Beatles Coffee Shop

The prior owner of the Beatles Coffee Shop started a website: Abbey Road Crossing.ComCheck this out if you want to see photos people send of their crossing.  And if you have a photo of you crossing, you may want to share with them.

So...here is the big thing that you can feel connected to London 24/7:  Click Here to see the Abbey Road Web Cam.  I'm telling you this web cam is mesmorizing.

My little gift of London to you.  Enjoy. 

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  1. Abbey Road is a MUST when I visit! I will now show some respect for the crosswalk since I've been schooled! <3


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