GOAL= Healthy Weight (?)

by - October 28, 2011

I was on a weight loss program that lasted an embarrassingly long time. The first 6 months I did great and lost an appropriate amount of weight. Then I plateaued for another 6 months. Flat. Each time I went to weigh in I comforted myself that "No Gain = No Gain", which is a WIN. But I really wanted to jump start to get that next 10 pounds off. That would not have put me at "goal", but it would have put me at a number I would be willing to have on my driver's license.

Then a few months ago I missed / canceled my appointment. I subsequently ran out of "plan" food. "No worries", I thought. I can do this. I have this now. I can just watch my portions and keep going with my weight loss goal. I still dutifully weighed myself each day to see what was happening. For several weeks I was flat. Each day I looked at the unchanged number and said "Okay. I'm not doing anything super bad." 

Then, Hubby and I watched some 20/20 show (or something like it) about how if we all were vegetarian there would be no more heart attacks and we would all achieve our healthy weight. (Disclaimer: I MAJOR paraphrased. The show may take issue with the spin I put on their story.)  So...ya know? I kinda want to become a vegetarian.  I'm not kidding. PROBLEM: I really like the taste of bacon and I really do not like legumes.  I mean I dry heave don't like them. But based on my new plan to somehow convert to vegetarianism, I decided I couldn't go back to the weight loss program.  (It has minimal vegetarian options).

So guess what! I kinda stopped stepping on my bathroom scale.  And incredibly...now my clothes don't fit. ARGH!  Even the dry clean only clothes are too snug. So yesterday I stepped on the scale to see what was what. Well, what is what is my weight loss has evaporated!

I had to do some quick calculations.  I could:  A) Buy new clothes that fit the now bigger body.  (Because I was a "smaller" size for over a year, I donated all of my "bigger" size clothes.) OR B) Get thyself to a thinner state PRONTO.

Solution B seems to be the wisest solution. It will be easier on my wallet as well as my self esteem.

More thoughts / progress to follow.

HOWEVER, don't be afraid. This is only one part of my life and therefore only a small part of my blog. I am not qualified (nor interested) in becoming a Fitness or Healthy Foodie blogger. --Though, I'll happily tell you that there are some great blogs out there for this kind of thing. There are some I follow that I'm totally in love with. But...this blog will still be about "What I Think About....(fill in the blank)".

Stay tuned.  And feel free to leave comments of encouragement.

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  1. We're like fat sisters! I need to loose 10 lbs too! Yesterday I bought new runners, today I bought new running pants and thought to myself, well, if I'm going to loose all this weight, maybe it would be more economical to buy them a couple sizes smaller....but then I couldn't fit into them. Life is cruel.

    I thought of becoming vegetarian too but I only know of three meals that don't include meat. I love food, which is my problem in the first place so asking me to live off three meals for the rest of my life is demented.

    As for you're legume problem, try melting cheese on top of them. Raclette is a good choice. You'll wonder why you're bloated all the time but at least you can say you're vegetarian....er, wait...that wasn't the point.

    I've lost a few pounds using the Livestrong.com site. That's the best I got for you. Unless you want to start a competition.

    You go girl!

    1. Wow, I'm hugely late in checking in on these comments. My brother in law just told me about the Livestrong.com site. He said he lost something like 30 pounds. I haven't checked it out yet. Hope you are enjoying your get fit running plan.

    2. I am hugely late with my reply. I think it's cool that you bought new runners. I guess that means that you are going to start a running program. Hope it is going well. My brother in law told me he also used the Livestrong.com site and lost like 30 pounds. WOW. I need to check it out.
      Thanks for the empathy.

  2. So did you go vegetarian? It's always surprising to me that I haven't met a lot of skinny vegetarians. But I think it's because so many of them cut out meat, but then eat a lot of starchy foods. Like french fries. Mmmm, french fries.
    Good luck with whatever you do. My advice is to cut back on carbs and processed foods. That has helped me drop some pounds in the past.

    1. Hi Brittany, I'm so sorry for my late reply. I still am not a vegetarian. I think you are right about some vegetarians that eat mostly carbs. Yeah, I could be that kind of vegetarian more easily. Cake, cookies, biscuits YUM.
      I have improved my eating SOMEWHAT. Mostly by controlling portions.

      I jumped over to read "Less of Me" on Stephanie's Black Ink Blog. I'm inspired by her goal to wear the elegant gown. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Also, you may want to check out this blogpost todayhttp://stephanieblackink.blogspot.com/2011/10/less-of-me_27.html

  4. I can't believe you don't like beans!! They're so economical and good for you. No beans? Not even chickpeas? I was cheering for you when you said you stopped stepping on the scale until I read the rest of it. Maybe weigh just twice a week? It's been 4 - 5 months. . . how is it now? I wish you luck!! I've just recently started going to a gym, which I've never done before. I'm hoping it will help make me healthier. My weight is fine, but all of my cholesterol, blood pressure, etc are always a little off. That's the stuff I NEED to change!

    1. I know about the beans. It's embarrassing. My Dad says it's mental. Truthfully I think it's more about texture and taste. Most that I've tried have a certain "mush" factor or cakey texture on the inside. I find that I like things like green beans if they are stir fried or asparagus. I like raw spinach. I will have to experiment with what I could do to incorporate more veggies and less of the other stuff. I just joined a gym too. I'm pretty excited that this will jump start me. :) Good luck with your exercise program too.

  5. good luck with whatever you decide is right for you!!
    I love my daily exercise..makes me feel like I at least accomplished something in a day!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I think exercise will be a big part of my plan.


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