Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday Recap

Football has begun! And I say: "Yay!" Now that we've moved to NC, where the ACC abounds, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Duke play against Stanford.  We sat with some friends...all of whom actually went to Stanford, which made for an interesting time. The people we sat with were great! They were good sports and made the game enjoyable for us to watch.

I got us the tickets to see Stanford with my daughter's husband in mind. He had made a special request to see the Stanford game because it was an opportunity to see Andrew Luck on the field in person.

The game did not disappoint. Of course, I was pulling for Duke...I mean that's the "home" team. That's where my daughter works. But, Duke is not known for its football.  In fact, neither is NC State or UNC. These are BASKETball schools.

Our Stanford friends were very fun. There were a few of us locals that were in the group too.  We taunted them a little by asking: "What's with the tree?"  It's their MASCOT!? Ohhhhh "Fear the Tree".  --That's actually their motto! I saw several people with their red shirts on with this motto.  I gotta tell you, the Tree just looked like a Muppet. --Nothing to fear.  But their team?  That's another story.

Stanford won 44-14. BUT, the score wasn't reflective of how surprisingly well Duke played against them.

The game started at 3:30. Parking was not close. And the walk to the stadium was uphill all the way. And it was hot. It's not Fall yet (BTW).  Once we made it to the stadium I felt spent. I was able to find a "mist" tent that I stood under for a minute or twenty. That helped so much. The sun was brutal.

The visitor section is on east side of the field and the sun bearing down from the west was intense. The sun was to the back of the home team patrons and the building with the club suites also blocked the sun for them. So, to recap: Duke Patrons=shade and sun to their back; Visitors=sun in their eyes with no relief from the sun's heat.  Coincidence? I think not.

Sadly, we saw two Stanford patrons being carried out on stretchers.  They were taken to ambulances, presumably for heat exhaustion.

What I learned: 1) I should have worn sunscreen; 2) I should have brought an ice cold wet bandanna to wrap around my neck to help with the heat; 3) If you do get sick from heat exhaustion, Duke is also a help is not far.

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