Celia Rivenbark's New Book

by - August 16, 2011

Celia Rivenbark
I want to give a shout out for Celia Rivenbark and her new book that was released today. Her new book is: You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl: Observations on Life from the Shallow End of the Pool. Several months back, I wrote a blog that included discovering Celia Rivenbark at a local Independent Bookstore. I loved the title of the book "You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start in the Morning". I basically read the first chapter right there in the store. Of course, I actually bought the book.

I felt like Celia gets me...or I get her. Neither of us would be mistaken for a "cookie cutter" mother of the year. I felt like I was reading a kindred spirit when she explained why she yells "BOOOOO" whenever kids claim their perfect attendance award. I mean, I totally get that. Perfect Attendance? Let's put school and life into perspective, shall we?

When my daughter was in elementary school, they got all uppity because she was tardy once or twice (a week) or so. I drove my daughter to school each day...so often the tardiness was a reflection on me. I still remember her sweet voice saying, "Mom. You have to come inside to sign me in when I'm late." I'd be all "What makes you think you are late?"  She would say things like, "We are the only ones in the parking lot, Mom". So...I would park illegally and walk my cherub into the school office to "sign her in". The sign in late sheet was basically the school's record of me acknowledging that "Yes, I know my daughter is late (again)".  The sheet also required an explanation for the tardiness.  I couldn't use the "she missed the bus" excuse (after that first time). And, I never actually wrote, "Because, duh...I'm late," or "We're not morning people".  I usually wrote something like "traffic". But one day...I simply wrote: "You don't even want to know".

So, like I said, Celia gets me.

Tonight I went to another local independent bookstore to hear Celia read and talk about her newest book that was released today. My hubby went with me...and I grabbed his arm several times when the hilarity was just so right on. My favorite essay that she read was about her daughter's science fair project that was entered into the Science Fair competition. No spoiler alert here.  Suffice it to say Celia's impressions are dead on funny.

So...I'm putting the word out.  The goal?  Helping Celia Rivenbark's book make it onto the NY Times Best Seller list. That could be really cool.

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  1. I wish I had a recording of Celia Rivenbark's talk / reading from her new book last night last night. Her rich southern accent and sarcastic personality adds a sense of authenticity and outrageous humor to her real life stories of modern southern living. I hope she makes an audio version of the book - I would buy it in heartbeat. Thanks Kimberly, for introducing me to Celia and helping me to reconnect to my southern roots. Now if I could just find some good banana pudding to eat while I read her new book (with a southern accent in my mind), then I would be loving life!


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