Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red Kitchen Update

My Red Kitchen
Not long ago I included a post about the The Kitchen Makeover and I asked for feed back about what kitchen counter tops and replacement islands. Today, we are virtually finished with the Kitchen Transformation. Finished for now, anyway. We had quite a lot of fun changing the room to make it reflect our personality.

We purchased this house from two of our most favorite people and there is so much about this house that we love. But...we also wanted to see ourselves imprinted on the we set about making some cosmetic changes.

Tonight I can't find any of my "before" photos. The only before I have is here. The kitchen was already quite sweet. It was definitely a nice bright room.

My hubby and I had enjoyed painted walls in one of our prior homes, as well as in the apartments that we rented in Bellevue, WA. We wanted to spice up this one with color.

We chose a bold red color for the walls.

And we chose to paint the cabinets black leaving the cabinet doors white. Quite a lot of color, but the colors do not compete with each other.

When we were changing out the floors, we decided to leave the island out. This gave us more space and versatility.  Hubs and I have decided to finish our projects with what we have. And we have a wonderful bar/table from Crate and Barrel that we had been using in our sun room. We decided to move the bar/table into the kitchen and it fits perfectly.  (BTW, I love Crate & Barrel).

And what about the Sun Room, you ask?

This is the Sun Room with the Carate & Barrel Table / Bar. This was where we kept the bird cages of our sweet parrots: Caroline and George.

The Sun Room "After" photo is actually before we purchased a nice shelving unit for the bird cages. We placed the shelving unit in the same space as they bird cages are shown below.

Both birdies seem to like their new cage placement even better than what they had before. 

Have you changed things around in your home? I'd love to hear how just moving something from one room (or place) to another made a big difference for you.

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