That New Show "Happy..."

by - June 23, 2011

Can I just say? I love this new show "Happy Endings". We already know that I like TV. I used to try to keep my love for television quiet. I mean, I wanted to be able to say: "Oh, TV? I don't have time for such things". --Yeah...I actually wanted to be that girl

But...I no longer try to fight it or even try to hide it.  For the past year television has been freaking hilarious and I LOVE IT!  

Happy Endings made me laugh in the very first episode! I didn't have to waste a season getting to know the characters to like them. These people are just like me, only funnier. Actually, they are nothing like me...but they are just like who I would be in an alternate universe. 

Tonight Max made a bet with Jane to see who would survive a zombie invasion. They were both so competitive about something so ridiculous that it was completely believable. And Penny began dating a guy she met at the laundromat when they were both dressed grungy because their "real" clothes were in the laundry. Only it turns out that she is dating a "Hipster" dressed in his actual "real" clothes. Max explains to Penny that to relate to a Hipster you can only like things "ironically". Is it just me? Or is this stuff hiliarious?

You know...this show reminds me of one of the best things about friends. Friends can just come over for no reason. You know, just hang out, watch TV, talk about zombies. They can help you know when you are dating a loser AND support your choice to keep dating said loser (assuming we were back in our "dating days"). Friends see you in your most embarrassing moments and see the humor in the moment. Or, they can be there when you first realize that you weren't really supposed to be on stage with the band afterall. (This really happened to me.) At the end of the day, who doesn't want a friend that can say: "Hey, you remember that time you dated a Hipster? And I proved that I am the most likely to survive a zombie invasion?" Or for that matter, say "You remember that time we were on stage with the band...and realized later that we weren't supposed to be up there at all?"  --Priceless.

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